K2: Dancing: Twinkle Toes

K2: Dancing: Twinkle Toes

Our tinniest dancers can learn to twirl, tap, shake, dance and leap in this fun class. The students will learn basic dance steps and technique, as well as other soft skills such as rhythm, pace, and spatial awareness. A great option for those students who are high energy or who love to move! Students will also be taught proper warm-ups and how to keep their bodies safe while dancing. Students will dance to all kinds of fun songs from Disney favorites to children’s classics and musical theatre hits. No special shoes or clothing required.

Skills Focus:

  • Moving on beat/rhythm
  • Proper posture and positioning
  • Confidence in body movements and dance
  • Basic musical theatre/ballet foundations

Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 pm
Teacher: Chelsea Ward

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