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CTWS HSR Online Workshop

CTWS Goes ONLINE! Ok friends! Here we go! We are so excited to announce our fourth week of workshops for CT online. We ask your patience, as we are building an airplane while in flight! We will be adjusting our procedures throughout the week as we discover best practices together. We are super excited and…
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CTWS Unstaged

Welcome to CTWS UNSTAGED! Let's create.....anywhere! Welcome to CT Unstaged- a new way for us to create art together while learning and expanding our active imaginations. While we certainly miss being together and creating theatre magic, we're SO excited about this new opportunity. Our workshops cover all things theatre and creative- including singing, drama games,…
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CTWS Fall Five Outdoor Classes

CTWS Fall Five Outdoor Classes It's FALL! Yes, a fall like none of us have seen. While we know that so much has changed, we also believe that some things remain the same! We know that kids need socialization, creativity, imagination, and FUN while staying as safe as possible in today's world. So CTWS is…
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