TWS Foundation

The TWS Foundation, formed in 2006, encourages and manages contributions that support and ensure the long-term promise of The Theatre of Western Springs. The Foundation ensures the continuation of the 85+-year-old legacy of our Theatre and the continuation of its Children’s Theatre School’s position as the leading educational and intergenerational theatrical institution in Chicago’s western suburbs.

Nationally recognized as one of few continuously operating community theatres in the country, TWS produces more than 100 performances per year for more than 6,500 patrons from over 80 surrounding communities.

Ways to Give

Charitable giving can significantly benefit your estate planning, helping maximize the tax advantages now and supporting your philanthropic interests beyond your lifetime.
There are many opportunities for you to consider if you would like to make a planned gift to The TWS Foundation:

Donate Now Choose "TWS Foundation" from the target donation select menu.

The Mary Cattell Society

To become a member of the Mary Cattell Society requires the following:
1. Filling out the required form indicating a promise to include The TWS Foundation in the donor’s estate plan. The dollar amount or type of asset intended for the donation is not required to be included.
2. Bring an estate plan up-to-date to include this donation to The TWS Foundation.
3. Nameplate will be permanently placed on the Wall Plaque

Endowment Partners
All categories are cumulative but a donation of $2,000 whether in a lump sum or cumulated is required for a nameplate to be placed under the “Front Row Center” category. Once donor(s) reach “Front Row Center” ($2,000-$4,999) the name(s) will remain there permanently plus again in what other category attained through (a) the cumulative process; (b) a lump sum donation or; through their Mary Cattell Society commitment.
Standing Ovation ($100,000+)
Bravo ($75,000 - 99.999)
Encore ($50,000 -74,999)
Curtain Call ($25,000 -49,999)
Applause ($10,000 - 24,999)
Spotlight ($5,000 - 9,999)
Front Row Center ($2,000 - 4,999)

There are three classes of Endowment Partners:
1. First-time donor(s)
who donate any amount during the fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th).
2. Sustaining Partner(s) who donate annually or sporadically.
3. Plateau Partner(s) are those who reach one of the seven attainable categories and whose name(s) will be placed on the wall.

By indicating your commitment to include The TWS Foundation in your estate plans, you become a member of The Mary Cattell Society, a group of very special friends and supporters of TWS.

Members receive:
■  A certificate indicating membership in The Mary Cattell Society
■  Recognition in the theatre lobby and in various theatre publications
■  Special invitations and information

The TWS Foundation offers a means for people to ensure the continuance of the legacy begun by Mary Cattell. If you would like more information, please email or call us at (708) 246-4043.


The following individuals are members of THE MARY CATTELL SOCIETY

Robert & Ann Baker, Ed & Beth Barrow, Vicki Blair, Peggy Carlson, Carol Clarke, Carol J. Dapogny, Nick & Lori D'Asta, Mary Ellen Druyan, Robert A. Erck, Patricia Giesler, William Hammack, Marjorie Mason Heffernan, Peter S.  Hilton,  Bonnie  DuBois  Hilton,  Harry  &  Ann Marie Hultgren, Michael & Patricia Huth,  Andrea  &  Roland  Imes,  Jerry  Jensen,  David P. Knezz, Jan & Craig Mahlstedt, Kevin McGrath, John Mueller &  Patricia  Foltz, Arlene Page, Jack Phillips, Ginny Richardson, Louis Schauer, Noel I. & Ruth E. Smith, Charron Traut, Richard Traut, Brian and Nancy Whitlock, Bill & Marilyn Wilson


Plateau Partners

Marilyn Darnall & Donald Strueber, Charron Traut, Richard Traut, Marjorie Mason Heffernan, Bunny Smith, Louis Schauer, Katten Muchin Roseman, LLP, Ruth E. Smith, Brian  &  Nancy  Whitlock,  Emerson  B.  Mason,  Lawrence  J.  Giesler  Trust,  Richard Mason, Robert Mason, Tim Heffernan, Bill Myers, Andresen Family Charitable Trust, John F. Podliska, Robert Erck, Harry & Ann Marie Hultgren, Jean  Follett-Thompson,  Bonnie Dubois Hilton, Carol Dapogny & Paul Doebel, Roland Imes, Elaine Cue, Paul R. Litzsinger, In Memory of Victoria Lagges, In Memory of Charron F. Traut, In Memory of Mary Dempsey

Sustaining Partners: 91st Season (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020)

Yannis Arvanitis & Newenka Dumont, Peggy & Jim Carlson, Kalvis Cers & Elisa Freimanis, Frank & Darlene Czaja, Joe Delaloye, Mary Ellen Druyan, Robert Erck, Lucy Evans, Rosemary Gleason, Judith Greaves, Bob & Ginny Grecco, Lorraine Hoskins, Kenneth & Jacqueline Hull, Harry & Ann Marie Hultgren, Alphonse & Helen  Krisciunas,  Bernard  Mania, Mary Jo & Tom  Mulcahy, Muriel  Nerad,  Peg O'Brien,  John  Podliska,  Marion & Mary Kay Reis, James & Marybeth Reynolds, Margaret  Taylor,  Thomas  Teegarden,  Richard Traut, Joyce Trier, Eric & Carol Urbaniec, Edward Wavak,  Brian  &  Nancy  Whitlock, Denny Wise & Kay Payne


For information about The TWS Foundation, pick up a brochure in the lobby, call the theatre office at 708-246-4043 or log on to the website at


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