TWS Mission


The Theatre of Western Springs’ mission is to entertain, to educate, to explore, and to inspire a community of all ages through the performing arts.


The Theatre of Western Springs will create the highest quality performing arts and educational opportunities in an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment while staying current with artistic and procedural norms and celebrating works of the past, present, and future.


Artistic Excellence - We seek to create a community of committed artists both onstage and off who all use their talents (individually and collectively) to achieve our best work.

Relevance & Growth - We strive to explore and produce entertaining and thought-provoking work that inspires and challenges our audiences and artistic community. In both creative choices and functional operations, we work to create art that relates to the world as it exists today and moves toward the future.

Inclusion - We work to create a welcoming environment that embraces differences, gives a sense of belonging, connection and community, and offers acceptance for anybody and everybody through our words and actions, allowing people to share their entire, authentic selves.

Respect - We believe respect extends throughout the organization - respect for the people, for the art form, for ideas and for the facility. We accept someone as they are and for who they are. Being respectful means caring enough to think about how we impact others.