3rd- 5th Specialty: Making Movies & Comedic Commercials

3rd- 5th Specialty: Making Movies & Comedic Commercials

Let’s make some magic on screen! This class will make short movies and some hilarious advertisements. Students will be able to help script, create, act and film fun short stories and commercials. There is nothing like seeing yourself on the “silver” screen.  By working together in a group, students learn to accept and support others ideas while also generating their own. A true ensemble experience, students gain  understanding of how to work together and give and take while working toward a final product. Come create some movie magic with us!

Skills Focus:

  • Creative idea generation
  • Working together with an ensemble
  • Project timeline development
  • Basics of acting “on camera”
  • Script development
  • Using comedy and humor in scripts and on screen

Mondays 4:00-5:00 pm
Teacher: Joe Savino

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