3rd – 5th Musical Theatre: Schoolhouse Rock Live! *CANCELLED*

3rd – 5th Musical Theatre: Schoolhouse Rock Live!

School and learning was never as much fun as when it was a Saturday morning cartoon. Travel back to “Conjunction Junction” and “Unpack Your Adjective”. Whether you identify more with “I’m Just a Bill or “Interplanet Janet”; these catchy tunes will make your toes tap and your brain smarter. You can belt out new facts and ace your next homework while dancing, singing, acting and having the MOST fun ever.

Skills Focus:
• Basic dance and choreography
• Group and individual singing
• Creating high energy performances
• Confidence in musical theatre skills
• Using facial expressions and physicality in performance

Tuesdays 6:00-7:00
The semester runs from Aug 27-Dec 14.
Teacher: Cyndy Soumar

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