3rd-5th Specialty: Accents & Dialects

3rd-5th Specialty: Accents & Dialects

Creating authentic and realistic voices is an important tool in an actor’s tool belt.  This class will give group principles and individual coaching for actors looking to dive deeper into accents and dialects. Some possible focus may include proper British, Italian, New York, Southern, celebrity impressions and much more. Learn to take lines off the page and HEAR the nuances of a variety of words, speech patterns, and vocal choices. You’ll be walking around speaking in all kinds of fun voices. Lots of practical practice and coaching will be a part of this class. Students will be able to experience with different scripts and characters while trying on accents for fun.

Skills Focus:

  • Basic dance and choreography
  • Group and individual singing
  • Creating high energy performances
  • Confidence in musical theatre skills
  • Using facial expressions and physicality in performance

Monday 5:00-6:00 pm
Teacher: Andrew Pond

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