[3/17 4:52pm]

The world health community continues to monitor closely the emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19). While the known incidences of transmission in the US is low, there is uncertainty. We want to maintain a healthy and safe environment and have encouraged and adopted practices protecting the health of actives, students, patrons, employees and visitors. We also want to ensure the continuity of TWS’ mission in the event of a severe pandemic and have continued to conduct business operations as we have had to cancel some theater programming and productions. As always, our efforts will be guided by federal, state and local directives. We will continue to monitor information on this important issue, modify or supplement our actions as necessary and share updates. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.

Let’s stay safe and work through this together.
- Board of Governors, Theatre of Western Springs


[3/13 6:35pm]

We will be rescheduling the Pat Tomasulo shows originally scheduled for Saturday, March 21st at The Theatre of Western Springs due to the developing COVID-19 situation. We are talking with Pat to find another date and will be in touch soon with information including information regarding credits or refunds if you are unable to attend the new date. Any questions, please email The Theatre of Western Springs at

[3/13 4:00pm]

The Theatre of Western Springs has cancelled the Directors’ Workshop production tonight and for the weekend due to the developing COVID-19 situation.
We know this will be tremendously disappointing to many, many people. However, after consulting with colleagues, the board and staff, we decided that this was the safest and most responsible thing for us to do.
Take care and watch our Facebook, on the website, and on email for updates.

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