CTWS Unstaged Fall 2020 Classes-REGISTER NOW!

Welcome to CTWS UNSTAGED Fall 2020!

Let's create.....anywhere!

Fall Classes Meet from Oct 26-Dec 17 (Virtual Shows have additional Performance Dates)

Welcome to CT Unstaged- a way for us to create art together while learning and expanding our active imaginations. These virtual classes bring together incredible progressional teachers, opportunities for students to express themselves and their imaginations. Classes are focused on interaction, building confidence, exploring together, and fun. A wonderful way to increase confidence, team building, creativity, and have some FUN! Please invite your friends, as we welcome students from all over the country!

Questions: email us at cd@theatrewesternsprings.com

Our Fall 2020 programming includes 3 programs. Students are welcome to participate in multiple programs! You will also be provided access to our archive of over 75 classes which can be viewed on your schedule.

  1. Online Classes. These classes meet weekly with one teacher who will utilize games, exercises, activities, instruction, Q & A, and other methods to engaged and support students. These classes are a similar online version of our traditional semester, summer, and fall five classes.
  2. Online Small-Group Coaching. These sessions are designed for students who want to grow in a specific area, challenge themselves, or get more individualized coaching. Students will be paired with 2 other students and a teacher who matches their learning interests. Students in SGC will learn from direct instruction/performance and from observing their classmates. Max 3 students per session. Slots for group coaching are VERY LIMITED! NOTE: After registration, please complete this survey. Students will be assigned classmates, a teacher, and a timeslot by 10/23. REGISTRATION CLOSED
  3. Virtual Shows. We will be performing two shows via Zoom in the fall. Students in this program will be assigned a role and characters and work with their director to create a show! Rehearsals will take place over the session. Shows will perform several times (exact schedule TBD) during the weekend of December 18-20.
    1. Elves: Kdg-12th Grades
    2. It's a Wonderful (Western Springs Life) All ages. Note: this is a co-production with the adult TWS theatre and will follow a different format, schedule, and be a filmed performance. For more info, click here.

Prices for programs:

  • 1 Hour Online Classes $100
  • 2 Hour Online Classes $150
  • Small-Group Coaching (90 minutes each session) $200
  • Virtual Performances $290 (4 hours rehearsal per week) (Wonderful Life= No Fee)

More details for all programs and schedules below. Got a class you'd like to see? Or a weekly time slot? If you find 3 friends to enroll, we will create a class for you!

Register Here For Classes

NOTE: All times are CST. Convert to your timezone here.


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