Jr High Improv: Improv 2

Jr High Improv: Improv 2

Take the next step in improvisation acting. Designed for more experienced students, discover different forms and styles of improv including long-form and montage. Learn to strengthen and fine-tune your ensemble skills and create dynamic scenes and characters. Improv need not always be funny, and this class focuses on the craft of creating strong improvised scenes: both comedic and dramatic. Students will still play plenty of the short form games they love, while learning to focus specific choices, giving gifts to partners, editing and creating grounded, realistic improv scenes. Pre-requisite: 1 prior semester of improv

Skills Focus:

  • Understanding and using various improv forms
  • Using improv as a character and scene tool
  • Building more complex relationships and characters
  • Long-form improvised scenes
  • Various forms of edits

Thursdays 4:00-5:00 pm

Teacher: Karen Holbert

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