CTWS Apply for Crew, Stage Manager, Teaching Assistant

It's time to get in the game! We've got a TON of amazing opportunities coming up for some great behind-the-scenes action at CTWS!

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Opportunity: Teaching Assistants

If you love helping younger kids discover the magic of theatre, consider becoming a TA! This is also a GREAT way to make your CTWS tuition more affordable, as TA's have their own tuition either partially or fully reimbursed. Note: TA's are expected present at all classes or to get a substitute.

  • Grades: 5th and up

Opportunity: Stage Managers/Assistant Stage Managers

If you like being a "right hand man" , can be kind, patient and generous with people, are a good multi-tasker, detail oriented, then stage management is for you!

  • Grades: 5th and up
  • When: Must be available most rehearsals, tech and shows.

Opportunity: Crew Chairs

These students provided a leader for their respective crews and help make sure everything gets done.

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