Dial M For Murder

Sept. 7 - 17, 2023

Lou and Nancy Schauer Mainstage Theatre

Alfred Hitchcock based his classic film on this thriller by playwright Frederick Knott, also known for Wait Until Dark. When a man’s plan to have his wife killed goes awry, he settles for framing her for murder. Greed, betrayal and almost unbearable suspense await!



Margot Wendice - Debbie Sampson
Max Halliday - Tom Kearney
Tony Wendice - Jason Nisavic
Captain Lesgate Edward MacLennan
Inspector Hubbard – John Archer

Director - Suzanne Nyhan
Stage Manager - Sue Wisthuff
Assistant Stage Manager - Mary Van Nest
Assistant Stage Manager - Angelee Johns
Costumes – Sarah Simmons & Kerri Mummert
Dialect Coach - Laura Ciresi Starr
Dramaturg - Rick Pavia
Fight Choreographer - Martin Downs
Lights - Zoe Michaels
Makeup & Hair - Kerri Mummert
Props – Tammy White and Scott Lynch-Giddings
Set Design - Margaret Nikoleit
Set Dresser – Kara Nyhan
Set Construction - Harry Hultgren
Set Painting - Mary Kuhn
Sound - Pat Politano
Technical Director - Imani McDaniel

TWS Annual Chairs:
Mary Ellen Schutt (box office), Jennifer Miller (costumes), Courtney Beresheim (dramaturgs), Terry Kozlowski (PSCC), Eddie Sugarman (stage management), Joe Mills (hospitality), Danny Parrott (bar), Mike Janke (house management), Linda Bugieski (lighting), Kerri Mummert (hair/makeup), Mark Maclean (playbills), Laura Leonardo Ownby & Tammy White (props), Ginny Richardson (publicity), Imani McDaniels (set design), Harry Hultgren (set construction), Mary Kuhn (paint), Pat Politano (sound)

TWS Annual Techs:
Benton Bullwinkel (lights), Ann Marie Hultgren (paint), Danna Durkin (costumes), Angelee Johns (prop room), Bill Hammack (sound)

TWS Annual Production Chair – Haruka Lee
TWS Associate Artistic Director – Greg Kolack
TWS Executive Artistic Director – Eddie Sugarman
Chair, TWS Board of Governors – Laura Ciresi Starr



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