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Jr High Improv: Improve Your Improv

 Jr High Improv: Improve your Improv Students in this class will learn how to harness their improv to assist them in their character and scene work. Develop characters, fine-tune emotional response and learn to be “in the moment” with advanced improvisational work and exercises. Whether comedic or dramatic, learning how to harness the truth in an…
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Jr High Improv: Improv for All!

Jr High Improv: Improv for all! Take the next step in improvisation acting. Designed for both beginner and experienced students, discover different forms and styles of improv including long-form and montage. Learn to strengthen and fine-tune your ensemble skills and create dynamic scenes and characters. Improv need not always be funny, and this class focuses…
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HSR Improv: Play Nicely With Others

HSR Improv: Play Nicely With Others Saturday Night Live WATCH OUT! This class will focus on using improv as a tool for creating and performance of sketches. Work together with your ensemble to start and idea and see where the crazy takes you. Learn to allow a sketch to develop and grow while keeping it…
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