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CTWS Fall Five Outdoor Classes

CTWS Fall Five Outdoor Classes It's FALL! Yes, a fall like none of us have seen. While we know that so much has changed, we also believe that some things remain the same! We know that kids need socialization, creativity, imagination, and FUN while staying as safe as possible in today's world. So CTWS is…
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PreK/Kdg (ages 3.5-5)- Tiny Thespians: Movement & Music

PreK/Kdg (ages 3.5-5)*- Tiny Thespians: Movement & Music Our NEWEST offering for our tiniest stars! Perfect for those younger students who can't WAIT to be in the spotlight. This class focuses on the fundamental building blocks of theatre: imagination, music, movement. We'll do everything from acting our of favorite animals, singing & dancing to storytelling. Clap,…
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