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Accepting Resumes for Teaching Artists

Come join our team! CTWS is seeking Teaching Artists for our Fall 2019 semester (and beyond!). We offer everything for kids Kdg-12th. To see our current line-up, check out our classes here. We have been in our community for over 70+ years with a history of excellence in education. Classes are held in our working…
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High School Rep Musical Theatre: Music Man & Guys & Dolls

HSR Musical Theatre: Music Man/Guys and Dolls Shows like The Music Man & Guys and Dolls have inspired and entertained audiences for a generation. Classic. American. Character-drive. Inspiring. Romantic. Fun. Creative. Enduring. These are just a few words to describe some of these classic musical-theatre works. When they debuted, these musicals earned critical acclaim and…
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High School Rep Improv: Improve Your Improv

HSR Improv: Improve your Improv Students in this class will learn how to harness their improv to assist them in their character and scene work. Develop characters, fine-tune emotional response and learn to be “in the moment” with advanced improvisational work and exercises. Whether comedic or dramatic, learning how to harness the truth in an improv…
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High School Rep Acting: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

HSR Acting: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind Like NOTHING else, TMLMTBGB was a long-running staple of Chicago theatre. These short, script works create a potpourri show like none other. The format feels part improvised, part scripted, part personal monologue. Student in the class will be able to select from a variety of…
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