CTWS Apply for Crew, Teaching Assistant, HSR Student Director

It's time to get in the game! We've got a TON of amazing opportunities coming up for some great behind-the-scenes action at CTWS!

Opportunity: Teaching Assistants

If you love helping younger kids discover the magic of theatre, consider becoming a TA! This is also a GREAT way to make your CTWS tuition more affordable, as TA's have their own tuition either partially or fully waived.

  • Grades: 6th and up
  • When: Fall Semester 2017, beginning Aug 28 (also accepting spring)
  • Deadline to apply: Aug 15th, 2017
  • Application Click Here

Opportunity: Stage Managers/Assistant Stage Managers

If you like being a "right hand man" , can be kind, patient and generous with people, are a good multi-tasker, detail oriented, then stage management is for you!

  • Grades: 6th and up
  • When: Must be available most rehearsals, tech and shows. 1984 begins Sept 13, Annie begins Sept 23
  • Deadline to apply: Sept 15, 2017
  • Application Click Here

Opportunity: Crew Chairs

These students provided a leader for their respective crews and help make sure everything gets done.

Opportunity: HSR Student Director

  • Grades: Rising High School Senior
  • When: Assistant Direct 1984 (Fall), Director Little Princess (Spring)
  • Deadline to apply: Sept 1st, 2017
  • Email applications to cd@theatrewesternsprings.com

An INCREDIBLE opportunity for our HSR seniors to stretch your directorial wings! In order to apply, read the Little Princess script (link below) and write us a brief concept paper (one or two pages is plenty). Write about your ideas for the show: things like what about the play is most interesting to you, what’s the thing that most intimidates you about this script, and what the world of the play looks like. Feel free to address other issues as well.

Also choose a “seed image” that encompasses the essence of the show for you. It can be a photo, a drawing, a painting, an object, or anything else you can find. Write about why you chose that particular image or thing. Is it because of the item’s appearance or is there another reason for your choice. Have fun with your application!—let yourself be creative, don’t be afraid to share even your most outrageous ideas, and enjoy the process.  Remember that this is a big time commitment so make sure to consider your schedule for next year before you apply.

Little Princess Script

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