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3rd -5th Intro to Improv/Games

Zip! Zap! Zop! This class will keep you on your toes! Young actors will have fun playing games that hone their improvisation skills and stage presence. Students practice agreeing with a scene to keep it moving and build confidence in the spotlight no matter what the situation. Skills Focus: Creative Thinking Agreement (Yes And) Focus…
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3rd -5th Acting: Theatre Basics

Blocking, upstage, downstage, monologues, fourth wall, tableau, strike – there’s so much to learn at the theatre! There’s more to being on stage than simply standing in front of an audience. This class helps you nail down vocabulary, understand a director’s feedback, and put various forms of acting into motion. This class is a great…
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K-2nd – Musical Theatre: Aladdin

This class doesn’t limit you to only three wishes; the possibilities are endless! Young performers enjoy singing and moving as a group with inspiration from the classic movie Aladdin. Let your child’s imagination run as wild as the Genie’s as the group moves through their favorite scenes and songs including “Friend Like Me” and “A…
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K-2nd – Acting: Pirates and Princesses

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh you ready to have a good time? Strap on your black boots and tiaras for this high energy class filled with game playing and movement. Students may find themselves on a boat crossing the widest ocean or abandoning ship to reach a desert island. This class builds confidence and encourages positive interactions with others.…
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