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High School Rep Acting: Scenes from Shakespeare

HSR Acting: Scenes from Shakespeare From the high comedies and tragedies to the history plays, problem comedies, and late romances, Shakespeare was a master of many different genres which continue to fascinate and challenge us. This class will allow the student to discover the diverse world of Shakespeare’s poetics, exploring the theatrical, historical, cultural and…
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High School Rep Improv: Improv for Actors

HSR Improv: Improv for Actors Students in this class will learn how to harness their improv to assist them in their character and scene work. Develop characters, fine-tune emotional response and learn to be “in the moment” with advanced improvisational work and exercises. Whether comedic or dramatic, learning how to harness the truth in an…
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High School Rep Comedy: Storytelling & Standup

HSR Comedy: Storytelling and Standup If you’ve ever been at a party and gotten a HUGE laugh to your story, enjoy telling jokes, or just like being in front of people this class is for you! We will use lots of variety as inspiration and education: late night hosts, stand up comedians, storytellers, SNL, Youtubers…
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High School Rep Tech: Production Design

HSR Tech: Production Design Behind the curtain takes center stage! Students work together to find practical solutions to difficult design ideas. Students in this class will be heavily involved in production areas for shows in our season. Learn fundamental skills that will help you to elevate and create your design ideas. From learning proper terms…
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