Children’s Theatre

JUNE 2021 – A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM by William Shakespeare

High School Repertory

Directors – AJ Morrisey & Clare Hill
Production Advisor: Scott Sawa

The original rom-com! Couples in a forest with magical fairies and love potions. What could possibly go wrong?
In June, in person, in the great outdoors!

(Please note that there is a separate TWS Adult cast show that can be accessed here.)

Thu, June 10 7pm CTWS/HSR cast
Fri, June 11 7pm CTWS/HSR cast
Sat, June 12 3pm CTWS/HSR cast
Sat, June 12 7pm CTWS/HSR cast
Sun, June 13 3pm CTWS/HSR cast
Fri, June 18 7pm CTWS/HSR cast
Sat, June 19 3pm CTWS/HSR cast