Directors’ Workshop





August 8 - 11, 2019

8:00 pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday / 7:30 pm Sunday
Join us for an evening of three one-act world premiere plays!

Elisa Mazini

The Theory of Moral Relativity
By Elisa Manzini
Directed by Edward W. Wavak
Director's Assistants: Karla Hudson, Noha ElGanzouri
Featuring: Eileen Duban, Tom Gess, Shannon Horn, Jill Jackson and David M. Rodriguez
Four strangers are invited to a job interview with the promise
of one million dollars if they complete a series of tasks. The four have nothing in common except a desperate need of money. They need to work as a team, if one quits, nobody gets the money. What choices would you make?


Janet Venzon

Plenty of Fish, Felons and Fetishes
By Janet Venzon
Directed by Terry Kozlowski
Featuring: Karen Arnold, Joe Delaloye, Tom Gess, Haruka Hitchcock, Pat Politano and David M. Rodriguez
After a long hiatus from men and at her best friend’s urging, Elenor reluctantly enters the daunting realm of dating in the 2000s. Her best friend suggests she try one of the myriad of online dating apps available. Despite initial reservations, Elenor jumps in only to find herself drowning in a pool of fakes, felons and fetish-lovers, all the while interacting with a Virtual Matchmaker intent on sucking her further into the freak show.


James Armstrong

The Love Songs of Brooklynites
By James Armstrong
Directed by Denny Wise
Director’s Assistant: Joe Mills
Featuring: Melody Jefferies and Danny Parrott
Chuck has just moved to Brooklyn when his neighbor Abbie harasses him for mail misdirected to his apartment. As Abbie falls into his life, she introduces him to stress baking, computer coding, and the poetry of a city that's s􀀂ll trying to revise itself. Part T.S. Eliot, part Preston Sturges, The Love Songs of Brooklynites takes the audience on a theatrical journey about finding ourselves while finding others.



Please note that these plays include strong language and mature themes.

Production Team
Stage Manager: Peggy Carlson Lighting Design: Michael-Colin Reed Sound Design: Joe Mills
There will be a post-show discussion with the playwrights and directors. Donations appreciated and accepted at the door. No reservations necessary. General Seating. Thank you for supporting The Theatre of Western Springs!

The 2017-18 Directors' Workshop Season is generously sponsored by:
The Hinsdale Shell Food Mart
located at the corner of Ogden Avenue and York Road in Hinsdale.

The Directors’ Workshop is an educational workshop that presents four weekend performances a year in the Cattell Theatre. Ed Wavak is chair of the Directors' Workshop committee and Greg Kolack, TWS Artist-in-Residence, is the Directors' Workshop Mentor.