CTWS Staff Chloe Baldwin

Artistic Statement:

My acting is driven by a passion for people, for connection, for being alive. It challenges me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I crave vulnerability with my ensemble and audience, and I am always attracted to the variety of experience I get from auditions, rehearsals, tech, first days on set, opening nights, premieres, and closings.

Acting as an art form is inherently human: our instruments as actors are our bodies and our voices, and, just like life, acting is messy and organic, while still specifically crafted.

As an actor, I strive to be fierce, loving, professional, empathetic, human, subtle, specific, present, knowledgable, physical, embodied, dynamic, open, perceptive, fearless, respectful, respectable, and resilient. I always aim to improve, to learn, to use what I have, to put my ego aside, and to believe in myself and the process.

Projects That Get Me Excited:

I’m very into Shakespeare, devised work, and musical theatre. I’m inspired by theatre that speaks to things inside us that we can’t quite explain in any other way. I look for films that are beautiful while staying honest. I adore television that is intense and biting and sometimes hilarious.

My Story:

Born in Nashville, TN, I moved to Western Springs, a suburb of Chicago, when I was 5. I have a brilliant drag enthusiast sister and a hilarious computer genius brother, along with a wonderful Barista-turned-consultant Mom and a non-for-profit-agricultural-development-President/Yogi Dad, who all inspire me so much. I started acting in second grade at The Theater of Western Springs and immediately loved it with all of my heart. Since then, I’ve gone on to Interlochen Center for the Arts, Second City, and I hold a BFA in Acting at The Theatre School at DePaul, with a minor in Chinese. I  also apprented with R&D Fight Choreography.