Costume Notes

Costume Committee Notes from the Chairs:
We are looking forward to working with everyone!
Reminder: we are meeting tomorrow during rehearsal at the theatre. Bring your sewing machine and/or fabric shears! 🙂 

Good thing we are all flexible- as we need to modify our plans a bit.  We had hoped that we would have access to the costumes from the adult theater cage.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not.  We do have access to some of the costumes from the children's cage.  So, for this production we will be doing a combination of three things: rentals, production, and modification.  Where we can, we will be modifying pieces we can find in the children's cage. When that is not a reasonable choice, we will be making some of the costumes, and finally, if the cost of fabric or materials is outside of our budget (or time constraints), we will have to rent some of the pieces.  Its awesome to be able to try a mix of things!
Lauren and I will give a brief overview at the start of the meeting where we are with each of the pieces, or groups of characters.
We will be having calls at most rehearsals.  If we are going to cancel, we will send out an announcement to the team.
Tech week/Run Schedule
Attached is the call schedule for tech week and the run of the show.  We are asking that each show have two adult volunteers and two student volunteers.  So that we have a smooth run during the show, we are asking everyone to work at least one rehearsal during tech week.  You are welcome to come to more than one if you want extra practice, but during the show is not the best time to learn where the quick changes are or which character may need extra help during intermission or scene changes.  Lauren and I will be making notes for these action items during the first couple of rehearsals so we can pass information to the crew.
Everybody has at least two shows to work, and most people have three. You may look at the schedule and wonder where Lauren and I are- rest assured- at least one of us (usually both) is/are at every show and will be floating between all run/house crews to be sure everyone is ready to go. We have a special place in our hearts (and schedule) for the costume crew.  If you need to change with someone, please contact them directly.  If the person REPLACING you can email me with the switch- I will keep the schedule updated for the run book (the book that lists all cast and crew for each rehearsal/show) we will be keeping in the office (so we know who to call if someone is missing).

Costume Committee Schedule

See everyone tomorrow morning!
Christine & Lauren