Construction Notes


Hi again, construction crew!

We had a good call last night and got a lot done on the platform at the top of the main stairs. Jack is clearly the master of the chop saw! We'll continue that tonight with tonight's crew and hopefully get the rolling bases for the side stairs done too.

As far as I know, for that main platform, we just need to make the top surface for the curved pieces I framed out last night, put legs on them, and tie the whole thing together before positioning it and stabilizing it. Nick will help us figure out how to draw and cut the curved front edge of the plywood so it turns out how he wants it to look.

Lloyd, I didn't notice how much you'd signed up for this week - feel free to dial it back a bit if you like. You're on every day! Sorry about that. Let us know if you'd prefer to drop a couple of your slots. We have lots of folks signed up for Sunday, for example...

Anyway, tonight has Lauren, Jack, Carrie, and Lloyd on the schedule. I have a HS band concert to go to, so have fun and I'll see you over the weekend.




Hi everyone,
First, thanks for filling out the Doodle form. We have six replies so far, which is enough that we can set up a schedule. (A couple of you weren't on the original message because I either didn't have a good email address for you or I spaced and didn't include you. Sorry!) If you didn't get to fill out the Doodle, you still can - - that way we'll know when to expect you and what we can ask you for next week if we need you.
Vince and Evan, since you're volunteering to help out as outside folks who love this stuff, feel free to come by for any or all of these you feel like joining for - and thanks so much for offering to help!
For this week, we'll basically be asking for all the time you said you could give, since we know we need to finish as soon as we can for the paint crew to get moving. Next week we shouldn't need to do that as far as I know right now. Also - we don't have any people who have the same first name, so if you see yours - it's you  ☺
Thank you!
Thursday, 2/1:
- Lauren, Jack, Carrie, Lloyd
Friday, 2/2:
- No call unless we really feel like we need it
Saturday, 2/3:
- 9 AM: Paul, Lloyd, Carrie
- 11 AM: Paul, Lauren
- 1-5 PM: No call
Sunday, 2/4:
- 9 AM: No call as of now
- 11 AM: Paul, Lauren, Evan, Jack, Carrie, Lloyd
- 1 PM:  Paul, Lauren, Jack, Carrie, Lloyd
- 3 PM: No call as of now
Toward the end of the Sunday session we'll talk about how much more time we think we need and go from there.
If you have any questions, of if you feel like this week's schedule is going to overload you, just let me or Lauren know! Let's not get stressed out about this stuff and, instead, focus on having fun with power tools.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the construction crew! I'm looking forward to working with all of you. Lauren and I met with Nick (the tech director) at the theater this evening to kick off our work.

What you need to do now: 

reply to this email so I know you got it (please do not use Reply To All)

- and fill out the Doodle poll I'll explain below


Here's the skinny on our crew:

  1. We are the first team who need to finish our work, so we need to get moving right away.
  2. Nick (tech director for the theater) thinks we can knock it out in about a week of solid work.
  3. We can't really start until Wednesday - that's when we'll have detailed plans and materials to use.
  4. You can see the number of people on this email address list - there aren't very many of us, so we'll all have to do as much as we can manage.

I've created a Doodle poll with possible work times for this week and next. This is how you'll tell us your availability. It's done in two hour blocks; evenings have one block, weekend days have four.

Here's the link:

Don't worry if you can't stay for 100% of a 2-hour block, just say yes if you can be there for about half of it and we can figure it out in person. Important notes:

- Please put in your name and select all the times you could possibly work.

- Don't base your responses on what other people put in - just put in checkmarks for any time you could work and we'll figure out the rest.

- We need this filled out by Monday night if possible so we have time to make the schedule.

Please understand that we will not expect you to work every single time you put in, unless you select a pretty small number - we'll use this poll to figure out the best times for work calls and go from there. You should expect to attend at least a few calls over the next couple weeks until we get everything done.

We'll be pretty busy for a week or two, but then we're done! No callbacks, no run-of-show commitments. However, if you have more time to give - please get in touch with the folks who run the front-of-house stuff. They always need more people.

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!


Paul Tabour