CTWS/HSR Spring 2022 Auditions

Joining a show is a GREAT way to become  a part of the CTWS family! We have opportunities for any enrolled students Kdg-12th grade. We encourage our students to both take center stage as a actor and a discover backstage as a vital part of our crew.

Questions? Email cd@theatrewesternsprings.com

Audition/Crew Registration Link for Honk, Puffs and Gypsy

Note: Due to scheduling, high school students may perform in both Puffs AND Gypsy, but students cannot perform in both Honk and Gypsy. As always, we HIGHLY encourage students to audition for any shows for which they are interested and eligible. 

Auditions for All Spring Shows: January 29 with Callbacks on January 30th (If not able to attend this day, please email cd@theatrewesternsprings.com)

Puffs & Honk will be off for Spring Break: March 28th-April 1st

CTWS Mainstate Show: Honk Character Descriptions & Important Dates




Adult Mainstage: Gypsy Important Info/Dates/Character Descriptions


Puffs HSR Important Dates & Info




Audition Location: 4384 Hampton Ave, Western Springs, IL

Shows Open to Ages (Sign up to Audition):

  • Gypsy: 3rd Grade-Seniors
  • Puffs: 8th Grade- Seniors
  • Honk: Kdg-Seniors
Sat- January 29th Sat: January 29
Honk Slot #1 10:00-12:00
Honk Slot #2 12:15-2:15
Honk Slot #3 2:30-4:30 Puffs Auditions 2:00-5:00
Honk Slot #4 5:00-7:00 Gypsy Auditions (Grades 3rd-8th) 5:15-6:15
Gypsy Auditions (Grades 9th-12) 6:25-7:25
Sun, Jan 30
Puff Callbacks (if needed) 12:30-3:00
Honk/Gypsy Callbacks 3:30-6:30


  • In order to audition or crew for a CTWS show, students must be registered in a class that corresponds to the same session as the production.
  • Auditions & Callbacks (if any) are a closed process. Parents, friends and family are not permitted to stay.
  • Depending on the show, students may be asked to sing, dance and/or read from the script.
  • Students should be expected to stay for their entire time block.
  • At CTWS, we seek to include as many students as possible while giving them a meaningful experience. Casting is not guaranteed. However, if a student is not cast, they will receive a personal letter from the director(s) with detailed feedback on how to improve and grow, as well automatically assigned  a position on crew.
  • Any student that withdraws from a production after auditions will be ineligible to audition for the next session. The rehearsal and production dates will be available prior to auditions so students and their families are clear about the commitment.
  • Behavior/conduct during auditions is taken into account in the casting process.


  • Students may be cast without any previous affiliation with CTWS, but must be enrolled in a class that corresponds to that session.
  • Students will be cast based primarily on their audition and the best option for the role(s). However, faculty feedback, theatrical training, interaction with other students, volunteer history (both student & parental) and prior production experience may be taken into account.
  • At CTWS, we seek to include as many students as possible while ensuring a meaningful experience. Casting is not guaranteed. However, if a student is not cast, they will receive a personal letter from the director(s) with detailed feedback on how to improve and grow.
  • There are NO class refunds after an audition. If a student stops attending classes while involved in a production, it may affect future casting eligibility.
  • Students who are cast must agree to and abide by the CTWS Behavior Guidelines.
  • All parents of a cast members in any show are required and assigned to volunteer on a show within the same semester.
  • Cast/crew lists will be posted online.
  • Volunteering is a vital part of the culture and community at CTWS. We believe that it is essential for students to learn how to be excellent performers and to learn essential backstage roles. In order to encourage students to participate on both sides of the curtain, after 3 productions, students are required to crew (Summer productions are not included). (All stats reset as of F21)



  • Attending rehearsals is an essential part of the production process. Therefore, we expect families to prioritize rehearsals. Being on time is important. If you will be absent or late, please notify the stage manager.
  • Excused conflicts: students may request up to 4 absences during a rehearsal run. These MUST be listed on the audition form at auditions with dates. Partial conflicts (leave early or arrive late) count as ½ absence. Please check the rehearsal dates thoroughly prior to auditioning.
  • Unexcused absences: Any absence that arises after casting is considered “unexcused” and will invoke further action to be determined by the CD and/or directors. These actions may include a combination of additional volunteer work, cleaning duties, removal from a scene/song/bows, removal from show, and/or ineligibility to audition for future shows.
  • Permitted absences: absence due to illness, death in the family or emergency circumstances are permitted but must be communicated and will carry no consequences.
  • No absences are allowed during tech rehearsals/dress rehearsals or any performances.