Directors’ Workshop

The 2017-18 Directors' Workshop Season is generously sponsored by

The Hinsdale Shell Food Mart
located at the corner of Ogden Avenue and York Road in Hinsdale.


The Directors’ Workshop is an educational workshop that presents four weekend performances a year in the Cattell Theatre. Ed Wavak is chair of the Directors' Workshop committee and Greg Kolack, TWS Artist-in-Residence, is the Directors' Workshop Mentor.

A Call For New Scripts!

The Theatre of Western Springs is conducting a New Plays Workshop scheduled for August 2018. We’re looking for previously unproduced one-act works with a length of 40 minutes or less. Minimal set and tech (will be produced in a 117 seat black box theatre). Max number of actors in a show would be six (actors may play multiple parts). Deadline for submission is January 15, 2018. Please see the attachment for full submission guidelines and instructions if you wish to submit a play for consideration.
Please share this page with individuals and groups that might be interested.
Ed Wavak, Chair, Directors’ Workshop

Up Next

New Plays Workshop Aug 23-26, 2018