The Directors’ Workshop Summer Shorts 2019

Announcing the TWENTIETH Edition of
Shorts for a Summer’s Evening

Seven short plays with live music to kick off the summer

Thursday – Saturday June 27‐29 at 8pm
Sunday June 30th at 7:30pm


A Tall Order by Sheri Wilner, directed by Darla Goudeau
“Things go better with Coke.”
Directed by Darla Goudeau, assisted by Eileen Crow
Featuring: Camille Budach, Rich Kropp and Marilyn Weiher

Break the Rules with Rupert by Margo Rife, directed by Bob Jadach
“Who will Rupert select to join his class?”
Directed by Robert Jadach, assisted by Margo Rife
Featuring: Dave Bremer, Jennifer Collins, Tristan Collins and Maggie Opal

Confession by Michael Frayn, directed by Jack Calvert
“Only the penitent man will pass.”
Directed by Jack Calvert
Featuring: John Archer

MacBeth Mixed Up by Wade Bradford, directed by Daina Giesler
"…trouble, trouble, boil and bubble…”
Directed by Daina Giesler
Featuring: Nancy Belda, Karin Kramer, Jen Torchia and Ryan Yagoda

Robbed by Eric Maurer, directed by Edward W. Wavak
“Ahh, refreshing Dr. Pepper…(or Fresca?) and Pringles…sweet”
Directed by Edward W. Wavak, assisted by Brian Centers
Featuring: Mike DeKovic, Pat Hettinger, Rex Nyquist,
Kevin Slattery and Cal Turner

Sun Dried by Edna Ferber, directed by Judy DiVita
“A passionate writer is led into curious places.”
Directed by Judy DiVita, assisted by Arlene Page
Featuring: Jon Mills, John Mueller and Kerri Mummert

What Would Arthur Jones Have Done? by Katarina Creedon, directed by Terry Kozlowski.
“Could they be more than just co-workers?”
Directed by Terry Kozlowski
Featuring: Julie Tomek Campo and Mike Williams

The 2018‐19 Directors’ Workshop Season Generously
Sponsored by
The Hinsdale Food Mart
located at the corner of Ogden Avenue and York Road


The Theatre of Western Springs (708-246-4043) is located at the corner of Hampton
and Hillgrove in Western Springs, just north of the Burlington Railroad tracks and just east of the Tri-State Tollway.

Take the Tri-State Tollway (I-294) and exit Ogden
Avenue east. Turn south on the first street east of the tollway (Hampton). Continue down Hampton and turn right on the street just before the "T" intersection.

There is free parking across the street from the Theatre.

Map and Contact Information

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