High School Rep Comedy: Storytelling & Standup

HSR Comedy: Storytelling and Standup

If you’ve ever been at a party and gotten a HUGE laugh to your story, enjoy telling jokes, or just like being in front of people this class is for you! We will use lots of variety as inspiration and education: late night hosts, stand up comedians, storytellers, SNL, Youtubers and classic joke/pun structures. Learn to develop material and unleash your charisma as a solo performer. Through the class we will have writing assignments, group discussion and individual coaching/feedback. Students will not only focus on comedy, but also storytelling: from picking the right story, to developing a compelling and personal narrative. Grab the mic and take center stage! It’s your moment!

Skills Focus:

  • Comedic and storytelling timing
  • Solo performance
  • Developing your persona/personal perspective
  • Critiquing and discussing other performers
  • How to interact with various audiences
  • Refining/rewriting/crafting your writing & performance

Thursdays 5:00-7:00 pm

Teacher: David Rodriguez

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