CTWS Spring Shows Cast/Crew

Note from Little Mermaid Director: 
Dear Parents of a Child who Auditioned for CTWS’ Little Mermaid, Jr.,First, I want to thank you for your support of your child’s interest in theatre education. Without you, none of what we do would be possible.

Second, I want to let you know that I understand that, for some, their hopes may not have been met when they see the list. I am sharing a few thoughts that went into our casting decisions with the hope that they may be helpful as you discuss your child’s role in the production.

First and foremost - we so admire each student for putting themselves out there and having the courage to go through the audition process. It was not easy. I hope that they feel very proud of themselves and regardless of the outcome for this show, feel encouraged to continue pursuing their interest in theater!

As a performer myself (since the 3rd grade), I still find auditioning very intimidating and sometimes discouraging. Sitting now, on the other side of auditions, I better understand that the process is not one of accessing the actor’s talent or potential but rather determining where the actors’ gifts best fit in this particular cast and crew puzzle.

Finally, while Little Mermaid, Jr. is a children’s show, it is not an easy show to perform. The short scenes, musical numbers and the use of changing ensembles make it a demanding one for ALL of the actors and the crew. Because so much happens in a short amount of time, the back stage crew and the ensemble players are as essential to the success of the show as the very small percentage with “lead” roles. This show - more than some - really demonstrates the truth of the adage that there are no small roles! Thank you , again, for your support and I look forward to working on this fun show with you and your fabulous children! Karen Holbert

Questions? Email cd@theatrewesternsprings.com

• All cast: 1st Rehearsal, Saturday, Feb 8th 9:00am
• Parents: Mandatory Meeting, Saturday 9:00 am(till approx 10:45) (parents are given crew assignments at this meeting)
• Student Crew: Saturday, Feb 8th 9:45am (till approx 11:30)

Important: Check the cast list carefully, as you may have multiple roles/groups. 

The Little Mermaid Cast List

Ariel: Amelia Hale
Sebastian: Yirenny Cordero
Flounder: Kaerington Kopp
Prince Eric: Charlie Shanley
King Triton: Ben Hale
Ursula: Shea Winchester
Flotsam: Zoe Jeffcott
Jetsam: Emma Buscemi
Scuttle: Olivia Malina

Sea Creatures:
Mersisters: Laura Armstrong, Corinne Yanzy, Mia Cozzi, Sienna Pappas,
Yoshanny Cordero, Caroline Busch

Harp: Avery Blair
Bass: Brynn Richardson
Sax: Isabella Farrare
Newt: Julia Manthei
Jellyfish/Bean: Molly Cannon
Jellyfish/Smuckers: Jane Peterson
Carp: Nate Remus
Plaice: Maddie McGlynn
Chub: Ben Crandall
Fluke: Olivia Terlap
Seahorses: John Adler & Sophia Smykowski

Snap: Ari Eli
Crackle: Ben Anderson
Pop: Paige McNaughton
Brooke McMullen, Chloe Elter, Ellen Nelson, Helena Zimmerman, Jolene Crosley-Corcoran, Lilianna Grummit,
Vivienne Lundeen

Pilot and Skippers: Jeremy Elrod, Emmet Gripp and Brooke Simmons
Carlotta: Brooke Simmons
Grimsby: Oli Thompson
Chef Louis: Venny Cordero
Chloe DeNaut, Joey Eskew, John Stacy, Kendall Solik,
Sophia Edmeier, Lukas Gutrich, Sophia Eskew

Aqua Dancers:
Cathryn Frer, Camille Kosta, Mackenzie Maci, Natalie Mims Welter, Ava Dickenscheidt, Laura Armstrong

Charlotte Zhong, Emma DeNaut, Katherine Susmarski, Mila Panos, Olivia Hale, Tallulah Busch, Thora Jenkins

** Please note that some solo and line assignments as noted in the script are subject to change.

Little Mermaid Jr. Student Crew

Stage Manager: Morgan Slad
Assistant Stage Managers: Ginny D'Alessio, Hannah Schwartz, Talya Keskin,
Costumes: Maeve Charlton, Ella McCann, Madison, Jones, Ava Pena*, Natasha Shamarina-Ege*
Make-Up: Sophie Imielski*,  Leah Kolb
Props: Aiden Hajek, Cristina Cirone, Jack Curran*, Isla Johnston, Amelia McCargo, Josh, Tarnowski, Elizabeth Wall*
Paint: Ellie Baldwin, Chloe Cortese, Aubrey Doty, Eva Greuel, Bridget Hynes, Elijah Leonard, Brooke Mummert, Vivvi Ottenhoff, Veronica Veers
Lights: Cooper Brown
Sound: Milo Guevara, Rita Hynes
Front of House: Teagan Brockob, Layla Cummings, William Docimo, Kathryn Elwess, William Elwess, Kit Foster, Mickey Foster, Lena Mims-Walter, Ella Prena, Emily Prena, Audra Yonke
Set Construction: Emily Strudeman

*Indicates student chair

Reminder: Student crew 3rd grade and under MUST have an adult to serve alongside them! Cross calls are created so that every student crew member assists on a PRE-PRODUCTION timeline and a RUN OF SHOW timeline. You must complete at least 3-4 cross calls. We will answer questions at the crew meeting. 

Almost Maine Cast List
Pete, Steve: George Scodro
Ginette, Villian: Madelyn Wren
East: Jake Gripp
Glory: Claudia Kupec
Jimmy: Tyler Ziemba
Sandrine: Clare Hill
Marvalyn: Ava Smith
Lendall: Jack Turner
Gayle: Isabella Myers
Deena: Meredith Jenkins
Shelley: Annie Jouras
Phil: Nate Spratford
Marci: Megan McGann
Daniel: Jack Parrot
Hope: Courtney McMullen
Dave: Maddox McDonald
Rhonda: AJ Morrissey

Almost Maine Crew List:
Director: Grant McKenzie
SM: Griffin Mangerson
ASMs: Jack Scodro, Grant Castle
Costume Chair: Rhys Winchester
Costume Crew: Avarie Bernstein
Props Chair: Kyle Sherman
Props Crew: Sophie Barrett, Annie Scodro
Sound Chairs: Lucas Barnes, Alfonso Pineda
Light Chairs: Ben Myers, Evan Sherman
Light Crew: Daniel O’Gallagher
Publicity Crew: Clare Hill, Ava Smith

HSR Cast Parents: We will be contacting you to find out your preference for volunteering on mainstage or general work calls.

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