CTWS Fall 2022 Shows Cast/Crew

Congratulations to our amazing cast and student crew for our fall 2022 productions. Already, these students have shown amazing resilience, confidence, creativity and adaptability. We can't wait to make magic together on stage. We recognize that every cast list brings a lot of celebration and also disappointment. Please know that we strive to find meaningful involvement for each and every student. Also a quick reminder that we will not be able to answer any casting questions for 48 hours.

  • Newsies: Full cast called Saturday, 10/1 9:00-1:00
  • Newsies Parent Meeting for all cast parents at 11:30am
  • Newsies Student Crew & Parent Meeting: Oct 7 at 5:30pm
  • All parents of cast (both shows)- look out for an email regarding crew/volunteer assignments

Newsies Jr. Cast & Crew List

Jack Kelly: Liam Shea
Crutchie: Reaghan Watkins
Katherine Plumber: Georgia Marzo
Davey: Richard Kluchenek
Les: Ben Crandall
Medda Larkin/Adult Ensemble: Caroline Busch

Newsies Ensemble:
Race: June Marzo
Albert: Bridget Hynes
Muriel: Tallulah Busch
Nancy: Matilda Zeman
Specs: Zaelyn Marshall
Pigtails: Brae Medders
Hazel: Alexa Fey
Buttons: Avery Simpson
Tommy Boy: Ethan Glashin
Romeo/Bill: James Barney
Jo Jo: Zoe Vladika
Spot Colon: Venny Cordero
Scab 1/Ada (Bowery Brigade): Ellie Baldwin
Scab 2/Olive (Bowery Brigade): Stella Barnicle
Scab 3/Ethel (Bowery Brigade): Mia Cozi
Brooklyn Newsies: Elizabeth Tweedie (also Dorothy), Julia Kloska, Lucy Hufford

Adult Ensemble:
Synder: Tildy Kucklick
Teddy Roosevelt: Seth Korcyniewski
Woman: Jaya Wong
Police Chief/Pat: Kaerington Kopp
Police Officer/Darcy: Lila Beck
Police Officer: Maya Krishna
Police Officer: Clementine Audino

Newspaper Ensemble:
Joseph Pulitzer: Owen Loughney
Bunsen: Mireya Brkic
Seitz: Luna Ramos
Hannah: Gabriela Bickham
Morris Delancy: Nate Remus
Oscar Delancy: Elijah Leonard
Wiesel: Aiden Leonard

Working Kids Ensemble:
Anja Phillips, Brenna Remus, Colton Kuth, Elly Ahlm, Haylin Wiesolowski, Naomi Bilow, Rory Gallen, Simone Bilow, Vera Michelini

Student Crew:

Stage Manager: Grace Crandall
Assistant Stage Managers: Jeremy Elrod & Veronica Veers

Pre-Pro Props/Paint: Ailyn Soller, Charlie Gibbons

TBD: Julia Manthi & Sophia Symkowski

Props: Allison Dudley, Brooke McMullen, Caleb Schultz, Liliana Grummit, Maggie Kiley

Costumes/Makeup: Brooke Mummert, Hank Rosenberg, Payton Hamilton, Thora Jenkins, Veronica Veers

Sound: Nate Spratford & Rita Hynes

Lights: Danny O'Gallagher

Backstage Brigade: Carter Schultz, Emma Radojicic, Gavin Grabowski, Graham Hufford, Jordan Rosenblatt, Judah Leonard, Juliana Maurer, Juniper Leonard, Kit Foster, Lennox Page, Lucie Mueller, Mickey Foster, Penny Vladika,  Samuel Baltrusaitis, Sofia Sirikevcius

Gabrielle Boillat- Photographer
Charlie Shanley- Grave Digger
Tess Larmon- Perfume Maker
Brooks Simmons-Young Woman
Sophie Imielski-Librarian

Student Crew
Maddox McDonald - Assistant Director
Lola Podolner - Stage Manager
Cooper Brown & MJ Morgan - ASM
Annie Jouras- Costumes Co-Chair
Ava Pena- Costumes Co-Chair
Lily Rittenhouse- Costumes
Danny O'Gallagher - Lights Co-Chair
Maeve Charlton- Lights Co-Chair
Nate Spratford - Sound Co-Chair
Rita Hynes - Sound Co-Chair
Lily Ruiz - Props Co-Chair
John Crandall-Props Co-Chair
Georgia Marzo- Props
Mia Cozzi-Props

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