A Christmas Carol Cast/Student Crew

A note from the Director/Children’s Director: I am CRAZY proud of you guys! We have a stellar cast and some really cool opportunities for our cast. Everyone did great at auditions. We are proud of your bravery and courage. We can’t WAIT to start bringing this classic Christmas tale to life. Way to go cast and welcome also to our INCREDIBLE student crew. Let’s make some Christmas magic! Lots of love, Lindsey Branson

Questions? Email cd@theatrewesternsprings.com

• All cast: 1st Rehearsal, Sept 22 9:00-1: 30 pm
• Parents: Mandatory Meeting, Sept 22, 9:00 am (parents are given crew assignments here)
• Student Crew: Sept 22, 9:45am

A Christmas Carol Cast

Ebenezer Scrooge: Tyler Ziemba
Ghost of Past/Lamplighter: Caroline Busch
Ghost of Present/Sandwich: Claudia Kupec
Ghost of Future/Old Woman: Sophia Shirley

Upper Class
Young Ebenezer: Lucas Barnes
Young Marley/Undertaker: Andrew Grech
Mr. Fezziwig: Milo Guevara
Mrs. Fezziwig: Olivia Thompson
Charity Men 1/Caroler/Undertaker/Mr. Hawkins: Tyler Gantt
Charity Men 2/Caroler: Corinne Yanzy
Charity Men 3/Caroler: Leah Arredondo
Charity Men 4/Caroler: Georgia Marzo
Emily: Natasha Sharmarina-Ege
Fred Anderson: Payton Yagoda
Sally Anderson: Stella Barnicle
Judge: Rita Hynes
Fred’s Guest: Nora James
Fred’s Kid: Eli Cousins
Beadle/Scrooge’s Father: Austin Krucek
Banker 1/Business Man 1: Samantha Brezinski
Banker 2/Business Man 2: Paxton Cutler
Jr Clerk: Mya Coglianese
Granny Chezzelwit/Charwoman 1: Brooke Simmons
Granny Pickwick/Charwoman 2: Anna Buckovac

Poor Class:
Marley: Connor Beggs
Bob Cratchit: Schandy Cordero
Mrs. Cratchit: Avarie Berstein
Tiny Tim: Veronica Veers
Mr. Smythe: Milo Guevara
Martha Cratchit: Lydia Busker
Mrs. Mops: Sophie Imielski
Poulterer/Salvation Army/Creditor: Kendal Solik
Woman 1: Madison Jones
Woman 2: Olivia Miceli
Cook 1/Salvation Army/Creditor: Sophia Smykowski
Cook 2: Stella Fitzgerald
Fishmonger/Cratchit Child: June Marzo
Harry/Ignorance: Owen Grech
Old Joe/Drunk: John Stacy
Salvation Army/Creditor: Tayla Keskin
Salvation Army/Creditor: Ryan Coglianese

Scrooge’s Mother: Ava Dickenscheidt
Safe in the Chest Ghost: TBD
Hand in the Safe Ghost: Lucia Durek
Salvation Army/Creditor: Sophia Shirley
Ava Cousin
Abigail Grech
Amelia Van Vuren

Street Urchins:
Little Scrooge: Ryan Coglianese
Jonathon/Cratchit Child: Hank Rosenberg
Grace Smythe/Want: Layla Cummings
Boy Worker/Cratchit Child: Isabella Farrare
Nikolas: Vivienne Lundeen
Fan: Chloe Cortese
Orphans: Kinsley Smith, Marlo Kubik, Smilte Misiukevicius, Vivvi Ottenhoff

TBD:  Monks

A Christmas Carol Student Crew

Reminder: Students 3rd grade and under must be accompanied by a parent

Stage Manager: Megan McGann
ASM: Alexa Hoffenberg, Annie Jouras, Maddox McDonald, Rhys Winchester

Maggie Rankin (Chair)
Joey Newcomb (Chair)
Diana Carlin
Jane Erickson
Jeremy Elrod
Kaerington Kopp
Luke Barnicle

Savannah Cowan (Chair)
Yirenny Cordeno (Chair)
Jenna Jason
Vivian Kucklick

Nate Spratford (Chair)
Ginny D’Alession (Chair)
Ben Myers
Devon Winchester
Kyle Sherman
Meredith Elrod
Peter Mikulski

Camille Kostal

Annika Bryck
Charlotte Franzwa
Ella Cornelis
Gabija Radcliffe
Isla Sterner
Jordyn Hoffenberg
Taylor Hoffeberg

Jack Sluis
Rayna Aaronson

Annika Bryck
Charlotte Franzwa
Ella Cornelis
Isla Sterner
Jordyn Hoffenberg
Taylor Hoffenberg
Yoshanny Cordero
Zoe Brady

Joey Dooley (Chair)
Michael Stockmal (Chair)
Evan Sherman
Holden Carroll
Patrick Furey

Jane Stockbridge (Chair)
Caden McNamara
Nikki Jason
Shea Winchester

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