Important Updates

Hello friends! As we have been communicating, we take our programs safety very seriously. As such, we have discovered a need to adjust our schedules to accommodate out of state travel and Thanksgiving family gatherings. We want to apologize for this change and thank you in advance for your grace and patience. Please reach out with ANY questions or concerns!

  • Any student who is unvaccinated and travels out of state (anytime during the semester) must:
  • Test within 3-5 days of returning from travel
  • Quarantine and not attend CTWS/HSR programs for seven full days
  • In order to allow those traveling for Thanksgiving time to quarantine AND allow a safety buffer for family gatherings, we are also making the following changes to Shrek dates.
  • Nov 20 will now be a 9-2:30 rehearsal AND our first tech rehearsal (Required).
  • NO rehearsals or tech from Nov 21-Dec 5th.
  • Monday, December 6th will be tech from 5-9 (Required).
  • Tues, Dec 7-Thurs, Dec 9 will be dress rehearsals from 5-9. (Required)
  • Show will be OFF Dec 10th.
  • NEW performance dates will be:
  • Saturday, Dec 11th 11:00am & 3:00pm
  • Sunday, Dec 12th 3:00pm & 7:00pm
  • Friday, Dec 17th 7:00pm
  • Saturday, Dec 18th 11:00am & 3:00pm
  • Sunday, Dec 19th 3:00pm and strike
  • ALL students cast/crew for Shrek must test between December 1st-5th and have results by December 5th.
  • All high school students and parent volunteers must provide proof of vaccination ASAP. Please email to with either HSR STUDENT or CTWS PARENT in the subject line.
  • Audition and crew sign ups will close Friday, 9/10 at 5:00pm, so please make sure your forms are completed by then!

We understand that this make come as a frustration and shock to some. Please know that our underlying goal is to continue offering programming while keeping our students as safe as possible. As new information comes to us, we feel it's our duty to respond and adapt.

That being said, we understand this news may adjust some families' plans. We are happy to help if needed: we can alter audition/crew info forms (change content or conflict dates), offer refunds if your student needs to withdraw this semester as a result of the change. We also realize that this impacts our class schedule and will be addressing that shortly. THANK YOU for being a part of CTWS!


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