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A note from the Director/Children’s Director: Hello friends! I am always aware that with the posting of every cast/crew list, there is incredible joy and also great sadness. It's a crazy mixture of emotions, and it never gets easier. Know that if you auditioned YOU ARE SO BRAVE AND AWESOME! We had the most students we've ever audition for shows this semester (over 100) and simply did not have the physical space to accommodate everyone in our cast. HOWEVER, we are thrilled to add those students not cast to our great student crew! You will help us make magic and bring the show(s) to life. If you were not cast- KEEP GOING! Whether you are on cast or crew, you will have a BLAST and help create an incredible experience on and off the stage. Get ready to be a little bit naughty!

Also, a huge congrats to our incredible cast/crew of our High school production of Frankenstein! This show is stacked with talent in its cast and crew and you will NOT want to miss it. Epic is a word that comes to mind. You all are wonderful. We're so proud of our students! -Lindsey Branson, CTWS & Matilda Director

Questions? Email cd@theatrewesternsprings.com

• All cast: 1st Rehearsal, Sept 21, 9:00-1: 00 pm
• Parents: Mandatory Meeting, Sept 21, 9:00 am (parents are given crew assignments at this meeting)
• Student Crew: Sept 21, 9:45am

Important: Check the cast list carefully, as you may have multiple roles/groups. 

Matilda Cast List

Matilda: Veronica Veers
Agatha Trunchbull: Tyler Ziemba
Jennifer Honey: Annie Tracy
Mr. Wormwood: Reid Bergquist
Mrs. Wormwood: Avarie Bernstein
Escapologist: Milo Guevara
Acrobat: Natasha Shamarina-Ege
Mrs. Phelps: Kyla Sherry
Rudolpho: Maddox MacDonald
Michael Wormwood: Cooper Brown

Matilda’s Classmates:
Bruce: Ryan Coglianese
Lavender: Taylor Morris
Eric: Lukas Gutrich
Nigel: Payton Yagoda
Amanda: Olivia Terlap
Hortensia: Georgia Marzo
Olivia: Gabriella Boillat
Tommy: Paxton Cutler
Alice: Sophie Imielski
Ella: Sam Brezinski
Amelia: Talya Keskin
Lily: Abby Grech

Additional Classmates: Amelia Van Vuren, Camille Kostal, Ellie Baldwin, Ellie Stroka, Ginny D’Allesio, Hank Rosenberg, Julia Kloska, Mackenzie Maci, Maddie Justak, Miles Mitchell, Paxton Cutler

Big Kids:
Benjamina: Kyla Sherry
Ryan: Stella Barnicle
Tamika: Hannah Schwartz
Taylor: Helena Zimmerman
Gwendolyn: Carlie Thomas
Sophia: Lucia Marginean
Harry: Venny Cordero
Charlotte: Caroline Shreve
Additional Big Kids: Ava Pena, Cooper Brown, Gabija Radcliffe, Sophia Eskew, Maddox McDonald, Milo Guevara

Couple 1: Amelia Hale
Couple 1: Audrey Parrott
Couple 2: Milo Guevara
Couple 2: Natasha Shamarina-Ege
Couple 3: Ben Hale
Couple 3: Jenna Jason
Couple 4: Maddox McDonald
Couple 4: Rita Hynes
Additional Storytellers: Anna Bukovac, Annie Scodro, Avery Blair, Carrie Riopell

Primary Students:
Escapologist/Acrobat’s Daughter: Tallulah Busch
Jack: Ari Eli
Jill: Vivvi Ottenhoff
Additional Primary Students:
Aubrey Doty, Charlotte Zhong, Chloe Cortese, Ellen Nelson, June Marzo, Kaerington Kopp, Layla Cummings, Marlo Kubik, Olivia Hale

Camille Kostal
Georgia Marzo
Layla Cummings
Marlo Kubik
Olivia Terlap
Stella Barnicle
Tallulah Busch

Featured Roles:
Clown: Talya Keskin
Balloon Artist: Abby Grech
Magician: Paxton Cutler
Cook: Helena Zimmerman
Sergei: Lucia Marginean
Henchmen: Hank Rosenberg, Miles Mitchell, Venny Cordero
Judges: Anna Bukovac, Carrie Riopell, Rita Hynes
Loud People: Amelia Hale, Audrey Parrott, Jenna Jason, Natasha Shamarina-Ege
Townspeople: Amelia Hale, Audrey Parrott, Carrie Riopell, Rita Hynes

Matilda Student Crew

Stage Manager: Yirenny Cordero
Assistant Stage Managers: Claudia Kupec, Charlie Shanley, Morgan Slad, Caroline Busch
Construction (cross call: Front of house): Alfonso Pineda*
Costumes: Kendal Solik*, Auguste Balciunas, Madison Jones, Elizabeth Wall
Front of House: Ushers, souvenirs, and will call (cross calls paint): John Adler, Gianna DelRose, Giselle Fahmy, Aiden Leonard, Eli Leonard, John Letten, Vivienne Lundeen, Fyona Maloney, Rory Sullivan, Alex Zisis, Eva Greuel
Lights (cross calls: paint or construction) Olivia Thompson*, Yoshanny Cordero, Jane Peterson
Makeup (cross calls: pre-production costumes): Brooke Simmons*, Emily Justak
Paint (cross calls Front of house): Ava Dickenscheidt*, Daniel Aguilera, Isabella Farrare, Owen Grech, Skylar Green, Sepherjon Keskin, Brooke McMullen, Dottie Rolek, Emily Prena, Alex Wu, Corinne Yanzy
Props: Maggie Rankin*, Sophia Smykowski*, Bridget Hynes, Olivia Miceli, Dakota Noyes, Ella Prena, Alex Wu, Corinne Yanzy
Publicity (cross calls front of house): Sophia Corniel, Anna Roth

*Indicates student chair

Reminder: Student crew 3rd grade and under MUST have an adult to serve alongside them! Cross calls are created so that every student crew member assists on a PRE-PRODUCTION timeline and a RUN OF SHOW timeline. You must complete at least 3 cross calls. We will answer questions at the crew meeting. 

HSR Frankenstein Cast List

Ava Smith: Gretel/Female
George Scodro: Rab
Grant Castle: Klaus
Jack Parrott: William
Jack Scodro: DeLacey
Jack Turner: Gustav
Jake Gripp: Felix
Ja’Ron Brown: Creature
Kyle Sherman: Ewan
Lucas Barnes: Mr. Frankenstein
Luke O’Donnell: Victor Frankenstein
Rebecca Young: Servant/Townsperson
Rhys Winchester: Agatha/Clarice
Shea Winchester: Elizabeth

Student Crew:

Grant McKenzie: Assistant Director
Isabella Myers: Stage Manager
Megan McGann: Assistant Stage Manager
Griffin Mangerson: Assistant Stage Manager
Annie Jouras: Props Chair
Evan Sherman: Lighting Chair
Ava Smith: Costume Co-Chair
Courtney McMullen: Costume Co-Chair
Nate Spratford: Sound Chair

Claudia Kupec: Makeup

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