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7/4/2024 -- Photos from Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap 1st Read-Thru

A few candid shots from the first read-thru of Agatha Christie’s iconic who-done-it “The Mousetrap” courtesy of director Jim La Pietra -- At a 1st read, the director and the cast get to hear the text begin to come to life. It’s an exciting and joyful way kick-off to the rehearsal process. To give you an idea of the time involved in rehearsing a play at TWS, these photos were taken on June 29th and The Mousetrap will open on September 5th. What a fantastic group of suspects!   #twsnews

6/14/2024 -- 1st ASL Interpreted Performance at TWS

We had our 1st ASL interpreted performance this month at TWS during a performance of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express! We were encouraged to do this by several members and we learned a lot about how to increase accessibility to the deaf community. Two interpreters attended a special rehearsal and worked with the cast and director to prepare for the interpreted performance. The effort was spearheaded by Active member Tammy O'Reilly who shared that "It has been exciting to help offer a performance that will bring new patrons to TWS and provide a beautiful art form for the audience. I appreciated the opportunity to get involved." TWS will continue ASL interpreted performances next season for our mainstage TWS and CTWS plays and musicals.   #twsnews

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