COVID-19 Details CT Experience: LIVE!

COVID-19 Details CT Experience: LIVE!

Hello Parents & Caregivers!

We understand that you have many questions about how CT Experience will work. We have studied both the CDC guidelines and the Illinois Camp Guidelines and will be following those closely. Here are some highlights of the safety procedures and how CT Experience will run.  Feel free to read the full guidelines for yourself and reach out to us with any questions. We are here to help and excited to see our friends soon! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to

Parents should use their best judgement and discretion with enrolling their child(ren). If the student or a family member is high-risk, please do not enroll. While we will follow all state and CDC guidelines, we cannot guarantee no illness exposure in classes.

Full Guidelines:

We will be providing more details on procedures, along with a video, prior to the start of camp.

Group Chemistry/ Limiting Group Exposure

  • Small groups (10 or less) and no mixing of groups.
  • Siblings should be placed together (parents can choose which age group, though we STRONGLY recommend that the older sibling is placed with the younger sibling).
  • Each group will have an assigned entrance, theatre space, outdoor space and restroom exclusively for that group.
  • We will be meeting outdoors under tents as weather (heat and sun) permits (except high school, which will meet exclusively in our large mainstage space). Students should come with sunscreen applied.
  • When indoors, we will be maximizing airflow by opening doors as possible.
  • Groups will have 1 assigned teacher, and 1 student aide or floater depending on the age of the group.
  • Students who exhibit ANY symptoms or are sick (or family members) and need to withdraw from camp will be given a prorated refund.
  • If a confirmed COVID case occurs, that class will be canceled and the students are given a prorated refund.


  • Students will be required to wash hands at least once per class and only allowed in the restroom one at a time.
  • Hand sanitizer will be made easily available and used often, including upon entry and exit of class.
  • Staff will disinfect spaces in between each group, with support and help from students.
  • We will also have a professional cleaning person exclusively cleaning restrooms/high touchpoints at least every hour.
  • The building will be professionally cleaned once per week.
  • Our disinfectant meets with CDC standards.

Social Distancing:

  • Students should use the restroom prior to class.
  • Upon entering, students will be given a contactless temperature check, hand sanitizer, and go directly to their classrooms or assigned outdoor space.
  • Parents will drop off and not be allowed in the building. For pick up, parents will remain in the car and display their student(s) name in the passenger window. Their student will be sent out (after getting hand sanitizer) and enter the car.
  • 6 ft social distancing will be encouraged with visual markers as well as verbal reminders throughout class.
  • Masks will be required for students and staff indoors when social distancing is not possible. We ask students to provide their own mask (cloth preferred) with their name on it.
  • Students will be able to remove masks when socially distant or outdoors(visually marked). If they are doing an activity closer than 6 ft, whether indoors our outdoors, they will be asked to wear their mask.
  • We will encourage 6 ft social distancing as much as possible.
  • Students will also wear their masks entering/leaving and using the restroom.
  • Students should bring their own disposable water bottle. We will not have snack time.
  • Any student is welcome to keep on their mask during class.
  • Students who choose to repeatedly ignore or choose not to follow social distancing requests will be asked to leave camp without a refund (parents will be informed with a warning prior).
  • Students will be dismissed staggered to keep socially distant upon exit.

*Special note for younger students. Students MUST be able to independently use the restroom, follow verbal commands, stay within their designated physical space and keep hands to themselves. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from class.