Kdg-2nd- Singing: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Friends

K2- Singing: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Friends

Come join clubhouse Mickey and discover the magic and joy of singing! We will use some fun songs from our Disney pals to explore technique and skills of voice. You will focus on proper breathing, support, blending, pitch and intonation. Take your voice and turn it into a powerful instrument. We also focus on rhythm, using our bodies and moving to the music. The songs will be singing will have you smiling, clapping and having a ton of fun!

Skills Focus:

  • Proper breathing and support technique
  • Projection and diction
  • Singing individually and in groups
  • Staying on beat and rhythm
  • Using bodies to move to music and express musical ideas
  • Pitch and basic harmonies

Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 pm
Teacher: TBD

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