CONGRATS to our Spring 2019 Cast & Crew





CONGRATS to our spring cast & crews!

We know that every cast/crew list brings highs and lows: incredible joy and deep disappointment. Please know that our directing teams spent HOURS finding the best fit for each student. We know that whatever opportunity you were offered, you will learn a ton and have a blast! You are awesome!

WOZ Cast: Tues/Wed/Thur Rehearsals will be: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Wicked Witch, Aunt Em & Uncle Henry

Sat, Feb 9th is FULL CAST. Mandatory parent meeting at 9:00am. All student crew at 9:45am.

Shakes: Stay tuned for schedule info.

Openings: We have a few student openings. If you are interested in filling one of these positions, email

  • Stage Manager for Wizard of Oz
  • Assistant Stage Managers for Shakes & Wizard of Oz
  • Concessions/Souvenirs for Wizard of Oz.  (multiple slots)

The Wizard of Oz Cast/Student Crew List Spring 2019

Dorothy Gale: Caroline Busch
Scarecrow/Hunk: Nate Spratford
Tin Man/Hickory: Lucas Barnes
Cowardly Lion/Zeke: Maddox McDonald
The Wizard/Professor Marvel: Charlie Shanley
Almira Glutch/Wicked Witch of the West: Shea Winchester
Glinda: Owen Slad
Uncle Henry: Danny O'Gallager
Aunt Em: Megan McGann

Amelia Hale (Crow 4)
Avarie Bernstein (Crow 5)
Danny O’Gallager
Emma Kostal (Tree 5)
Gabrielle Bolliat
Hannah Schwartz
Jeremy Elrod
Maggie Pabst (Crow 3)
Meredith Elrod (Tree 2)
Natasha Shamarina-Ege
Vivian Kuckluk

Mayor: Hank Rosenberg
Coroner: Taylor Morris
Barrister: Karrington Kopp
City Father 1: Tallulah Busch
City Father 2: Vivienne Lundeen
Fiddler: Aryanna Van Beveren
Braggard: Thora Jenkins
School Teacher 1: Annika Bryck
School Teacher 2: Molly Cannon
Lullaby League: Layla Cummings, Vivvi Ottenhoff, Eva Gruel
Lollipop Guild: Eli Leonard, Aiden Leonard, Daniel Aguilera
Speaking Munchkins: Tayla Keskin (1), Isabella Farrare (2), Mila Panos (3)
Aiden Gooden
Aubery Doty
Chloe DeNaut
Elly Ahlm
Gianna Delrose
Venny Cordero

Optimistic Voices/Ozianas:
Ava Dickensheit
Camille Kostal
Claudia Kupec (Tree 3)
Kate Jones
Megan McGann
Mia Cozzi

Emerald City Guard: Kate Jones (Crow 2)
Beautician 1: Josslyn Ferrare
Beautician 2: Brooke Simmons
Beautician 3: Maggin Rankin
Polisher 1: Austin Krucek
Polisher 2: Joey Newcomb
Polisher 3: Morgan Slad (Tree 1)
Manicurist 1: Sophie Harrison
Manicurist 2: Olivia Thompson (Crow 1)
Manicurist 3: Carrie Riopell
Winkie General: Alfonso Pineda (Tree 4)
Gabija Radcliff
Ginny D’Alessio
Jane Peterson
Madison Jones
Rodrigo Quintero
Sophia Eskew
Yoshanny Cordero

Flying Monkeys:
Nikko: Venny Cordero
Ava Dickensheit
Ginny D’Alessio
Jeremy Elrod
Joey Newcome
Rodrigo Quintero
Taylor Morris
Yoshanny Cordero

Winkies: TBD

Student Crew for Wizard of Oz

Stage Manager: TBD/OPEN
Assistant Stage Managers: Ben Myers, Stella Barnicle, Payton Yagoda + OPEN/TBD

Paint/Front of House
Roy Quintero

Nikki Jason (Chair)
Annie Jouras
Ava Smith
Kendal Solik

Sophia Smykowski (Chair)
Schandy Cordero (Chair)
Kinsley Smith
Olivia Haidamak
Veronica Veers

Emily Justak

Terry McDermott (Chaiir)
Sepherion Keskin

Rita Hynes (Chair)
Anna Bukovac
Tyler Ziemba

HSR: Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged Cast/Student Crew List Spring 2019

Director: Savannah Cowan
Advisor: Cyndy Soumar

Clare Hill
Courtney McMullen
Devon Winchester
George Scodro
Grant Castle
Grant MacKenzie
Jack Scodro
Meredith Jenkins
Yirenny Cordero

Stage Manager: Rhys Winchester
ASM: Griffin Mangerson + TBD
Lights: Michael Stockmal (Chair) & Evan Sherman
Sound: Kyle Sherman (Chair) & Tyler Ziemba
Props: Jack Turner(Chair), Ben Jouras, & Evan Sherman & Kyle Sherman
Costumes & Makeup: Jane Stockbridge (Chair) & Ella Barnett

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