Jr High Tech: Intro to Technical Theatre

Jr High Tech: Technical Theatre

Welcome to behind the scenes! Students will be introduced to the world of technical theatre.  Highlighting exposure to many different areas, this class is a great blending of instruction and hands on experience. Students can discover the tools use to help build the world of the play and what goes on behind the scenes. Lighting, set design, sound, makeup, costumes, paint, props are just a few areas that could be highlighted. This class varies based on instructors, so it’s also great for repeat students. Get your hands dirty and learn how to create theatre magic!

Skills Focus:

  • Introduction to various aspects of technical theatre
  • Hands on exposure and experience to technical tools
  • Understanding how technical elements interact with performance
  • Safety and correct procedures in technical elements
  • How to execute concepts into reality

Tuesdays 4:00-6:00 pm

Teacher: TBD

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