Jr High: Specialty-Use Your Words! An Intro to Spoken Word & Storytelling

Jr High Specialty: Use Your Words: An introduction to Spoken Word & Storytelling

What do Hamilton, Todrick Hall, Lin-Manuel Miranda, stand-up comedians, Jim Gaffigan, Joey Graceffa and Steven Sondheim have in common? They all know the power of combining words, rhythms, tone, inflection and story to create a powerful and personal performance. Using various tools, students will explore how to focus on their words and create intricate and meaningful performances. Student will observe critique and discuss performances while also creating and crafting their own. A truly “out of the box” experience, this class with stretch you as an actor while introducing you to new disciplines such as spoken word, rap, poetry and storytelling.

Skills Focus:

  • Exploring vocal performance: inflection, projection and diction
  • Exploring individual performance/style/personality vs group dynamics and collaboration
  • Understanding and using story structure
  • Creating from personal stories/content
  • Utilizing music and rhythm in storytelling

Tuesdays 6:00-7:00 pm
Teacher: Joe Savino

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