Jr High/High School: Tech: Props & Stage Direction 

Jr High/High School: Tech: Props & Stage Direction 

Help create the magic behind the scenes! This class will focus on strengthening and creating some backstage fundamentals. Take your tech skills to the next level! For those who enjoy a hands-on approach, this class will help create and supply props for the main stage show of Matilda while also learning various techniques from prop creation. There will be plenty of time to explore, collect and play in the prop room. The class will also focus on the basics of being a director and learn the fundamentals of crafting scenes and stories. Students will get hands-on experience in both props and directing their classmates in various scenes. This class has a very workshop approach with a lot of hands-on time and time spent doing the work of directing and prop creation. Whether you are interested in directing, props, stage management, run crew, producing, this is a great class for the backstage brain!

Skills Focus:

  • Organization and creation of props
  • Finding period props
  • Creating and building props
  • Basic block for stage
  • Directing fundamentals
  • How backstage magic supports the story and show
  • Organization for props and directors
  • Basic stage pictures and movement
  • Working with actors

Mondays 6:00-7:00 pm
Teacher: TBD

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