HS Specialty: Auditions & Callbacks Prep & Practice

HS Specialty: Auditions & Callbacks Prep & Practice

Auditioning and callbacks are KEY to landing roles and getting to play a part. This class will focus on the skills you need to nail your next audition. We will learn and practice everything from audition etiquette and dress to selecting monologues and songs. You will get many “reps” in of practicing your audition with individual feedback. Whether you want to audition professionally or at CTWS, this class will help prepare you for making your best impression.

Skills Focus:
• Selecting audition material
• Prep for different types of auditions
• Navigating callbacks
• Audition etiquette
• Building an audition repertory
• Cold auditions/callbacks

Thursdays 5:00-7:00pm
The semester runs from Aug 27-Dec 14.
Teacher: Jake Hartge

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