High School Rep Improv: Improv for Actors

HSR Improv: Improv for Actors

Students in this class will learn how to harness their improv to assist them in their character and scene work. Develop characters, fine-tune emotional response and learn to be “in the moment” with advanced improvisational work and exercises. Whether comedic or dramatic, learning how to harness the truth in an improv scene and build off of that will help actors of all levels create more memorable and believable performances.

Skills Focus:

  • Finding truth in scenes and honest emotional responses
  • Using body and voice to convey action and emotion
  • Playing various types of improvisational scenes and styles
  • Refining object work, environment use and elements in improv
  • Using improv in scene and character work

Thursdays 5:00-7:00 pm
Teacher: Karen Holbert

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