3rd-5th Musical Theatre: Rebel Kids! Matilda, School of Rock & Footloose

3rd-5th Musical Theatre: Rebel Kids: Matilda, School of Rock, & Footloose

What better way to let your child release their inner rebel then with a class full of rebellious songs from Matilda, School of Rock, & Footloose? Singing songs such as “Naughty,” “Stick it to the Man,” “Holding on for a Hero” and so many more.  Ranging from emotional ballads to rock anthems, students will sing, dance and act with fun characters from these 3 popular Broadway shows. Bursting with attitude, energy and creativity, students will learn how to be a true “triple threat” in this class.

Skills Focus:

  • Choreography and basic dance movements
  • Singing/musicality
  • Theatre games/ensemble building
  • Using various tools (movement, body, face, voice) to portray character
  • Channeling emotion into performance
  • Discovering motivation and the “why” of a scene/song

Mondays 6:00-7:00 pm

Teachers: Janelle Riopell and Cyndy Soumar

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