3rd-5th Musical Theatre: Lion King

3rd-5th Musical Theatre: Lion King

You’ll have “Hakuna Matata” with this fun class. From animated, to Broadway, to live action, The Lion King is a beloved and incredible story. Students will enjoy singing, dancing and acting to the favorite songs and characters such as “Circle of Life”, “Can you Feel the Love” and many more. Join Simba, Nala, Mufassa, Timon and Pumba for their adventures in the African safari. Students will use their creativity to create characters and practice using performance tools such as voice, body, movement and facial expressions to bring their story to life. Students get a little bit of everything in this musical theatre class which teaches acting, dance and singing. A perfect combo for the student looking to expand skills or start with the fundamentals.

Skills Focus:

  • Basic choreography & dancing
  • Ensemble work
  • Physicality and movement
  • Singing and projection
  • Creating characters and animals
  • Dialogue and line memorization
  • Acting and stage presence
  • Basic theatre terminology and fundamentals

Mondays: 5:00-6:00 pm
Teacher: Laura Thoresen

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