3rd-5th Acting: Stranger Things

3rd-5th Acting: Stranger Things

Explore the” upside-down” with material from this popular Netflix series. Stranger Things combines some great theatrical devices like mystery, science fiction and buddy friendship narrative to create an explosive and engaging experience. Students will learn and rehearse various scenes from the show. Help create the monster Demogorgon or embody Eleven’s superhuman powers. Create a world where stranger things happen all the time and kids are the best defense for the world. Stretch your acting and imagination chops to a whole new realm. (Note: only age-appropriate scenes/material focusing on the science fiction plot will be selected for the students to perform).

Skills Focus:

  • Develop environments and world
  • Using time-period to inform acting choices
  • Working with an ensemble
  • Translating big ideas into creative performance opportunities
  • Acting fundamentals such as characterization, memorization, stage presence and physicality
  • Using back story and character choices
  • Working with scripts and adaptations

Mondays 6:00-7:00 pm
Teacher: Laura Thoresen

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