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3rd – 5th Advanced Acting: Fractured Fairy Tales

3rd – 5th Advanced Acting*: Fractured Fairy Tales Designed for the student who is ready for “the next level”. You’ve taken classes and performed in a show or two, and yet, you’re hungry for more! Push yourself to the limit using scenes and various fairy tales but in a way that you’ve NEVER seen them…
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3rd-5th Singing: Disney’s Descendants/Villains

3rd-5th Singing: Disney’s Descendants/Villains Sometimes it is good to be bad! Explore the joys of playing evil with Disney Villains like Maleficent, Gaston, Ursula, Jafar and more. Dig into the acting challenges of what drives villains while singing some of their incredible signature songs. Also, we’ll explore the world of the Descendants. Unleash your power…
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3rd-5th Acting: Grimm’s Fairy Tales

3rd-5th Acting: Grimm’s Fairy Tales From rags to riches, the goose that laid the golden eggs, escaping a witch’s oven—these are the stories and images that shape our “happily ever afters”. The Brothers Grimm wrote some of the most popular fairy tales of time and this class will allow students to explore scenes from many…
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