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Congratulations to our amazing cast and student crew for our fall 2021 productions. Already, these students have show amazing resilience, confidence, creativity and adaptability. We can't wait to make magic together on stage.

  • Shrek: Full cast called Saturday, 9/18 9:00-12:30
  • Shrek Parent Meeting for all cast parents at 9:00am (please bring a chair so we can meet outside!)
  • All parents of cast (both shows)- look out for an email regarding crew/volunteer assignments

Shrek: Payton Yagoda
Donkey: Layla Cummings
Fiona: Stella Barnicle
Farquard: Richard Kluchenek
Dragon/Mama Ogre/Blind Mice 1*: Georgia Marzo

Guard/Captain of the Guard: Aiden Leonard
Thelonious: James Barney
Greater/Announcer: Julia Manthei
Kieran Joyce
Zoe Vladika
Gabriela Bickham
Elijah Leonard

Puss in Boots/Deer: Charlotte Doctor
Dwarf/Dish: Ava Doty
Cow: Judah Leonard
Bluebird/Little Bunny: Mae O'Connell
Little Fiona: Juniper Leonard
Little Ogre/Spoon: Nikhil Tallarovic

Pinocchio+: Ari Eli
Gingy+: Vivvi Ottenhoff
Mama Bear*: Yoshanny Cordero
Papa Bear+: Sophia Smykowski
Baby Bear+: Avery Simpson
Fairy Godmother*: Brooke McMullen
Wolf/Narrator+: Hank Rosenburg
Wicked Witch*: Zaelyn Marshall
Pig 1+: Tullulah Busch
Pig 2*: Brae Medders
Pig 3+: Brooke Mummert
White Rabbit/Queen Lillian+: Caroline Busch
Peter Pan+: Nate Remus
Ugly Duckling+: June Marzo
Sugar Plum Fairy/Papa Ogre*: Ellie Baldwin
Mad Hatter/Bishop+: Benjamin Crandall
Humpty Dumpty+: Karrington Kopp
Elf/King Harold+: Brooke Simmons
Young Fiona/Blind Mice 2*: Veronica Veers
Teen Fiona/Blind Mice 3*: Maeve Charlton
Pied Piper+: Payton Meller

*Duloc Dancers             + Forever Dancers

Zaelyn Marshall
Veronica Veers
Maeve Charlton
Ellie Baldwin
Brooke McMullen
Georgia Marzo

Student Crew:

Stage Manager: Morgan Slad
Assistant Stage Manager: Ginny D'Alesio
Paint: Kharun Tallarovic, Waylon Marzo, Talya Keskin
Make Up: Shea Winchester (Student Chair)
Costumes: Ellie Knott (Student Chair), Sophie Imielski, Dani Schau
Props: Venny Cordero, Jeremy Elrod, Liliana Grummitt, McGann

Ann Tracy - Carolyn
Annie Jouras - Grace
Charlie Shanley - Lawrence
Claudia Kupec - Agnes
Gabrielle Boillat - Ellen
Shea Winchester - Doris
Lola Podolner - Muriel
Lucas Barnes - Todd
Lucia Marginean - Patricia
Maddox McDonald - Donald
Mia Cozzi - Martha
Tyler Ziemba - Jake

Mads Wren - Assistant Director
Reid Bergquist - Stage Manager
Reagan Scott - ASM
Courtney McMullen - Costumes Co-Chair
Rhys Winchester - Costumes Co-Chair
Ava Pena - Costumes
Sophie Imielski - Costumes
Danny O'Gallagher - Lights Co-Chair
Oli Thompson - Lights Co-Chair
Nate Spratford - Sound Chair
Rita Hynes - Sound
McGann - Props Chair

K-2 Musical Theatre: Moana

K-2 Musical Theatre: Moana What can I say except, “you’re welcome” for creating a class based on your latest favorite movie, Moana!?! Let your child’s love of adventure take flight as the class moves through beloved scenes and songs including “How Far I’ll Go” and “You’re Welcome.” Actors learn beginning ensemble skills and musical theatre…
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Congrats to the cast & student crew of Annie Jr! You were amazing over the weekend and we are so proud of you! We were able to cast all students who auditioned and have some incredible student crew members. We are so excited to get started.

Please scroll down for important notes:

Annie: Anna Fox
Olive Warbucks: Luke O’Donnell
Grace Farell: Claudia Kupec
Miss Hannigan: Yirenny Cordero
Rooster Hannigan: Joey Dooley
Lily St. Regis: Owen Slad

Pepper: London Shannon-Muscolino
Tessie: Paxton Cutler
Duffy: Annie Tracy
July: Carrie Riopell
Kate: Chloe Cortese
Molly: Veronica Veers
Alice: Samantha Brezinski
Ruthie: Yoshanny Cordero
Jane: Meredith Elrod
Nancy: Alexa Hoffenberg
Ruby: Jordyn Hoffenberg
Rose: Marlo Kubik
Sally: Vivienne Lundeen
Betty: Olivia Miceli
Clara: Summer Provenzano

Jr. Orphans:
Ashlynn Hirsch
Jenna Jason
Lia Jozwiak
Kaerington Kopp
Camille Kostal
Mila Panos
Sophia Smykowski

NYC Ensemble:
Bundles: Ryan Coglianese
Apple Seller: Olivia Malina
Dogcatcher: Ginny D’Alessio
Assistant Dogcatcher: Anna Bukovac
Lt Ward: Rita Hynes
Officer O’Leary: Joey Newcomb
Man: Trevor Vana
Bum: Adeline Georgelos
Bag Lady: Stella Hession
Auguste Balciunas
Stella Barnicle
Ava Cousins
Emerson Easley
Aiden Kearney
Maggie Rankin
Kendal Solik
Isabella Tussing

Star- to-be: TBD
Burt Healy: Jack Parrott
Radio Announcers/Sound Effects Men: Ryan Coglianese & Owen Powell
Usherette: Tia White
Thomas Howe: Will Kearey
Radio Girls: Jackie Kogen, Maggie Pabst, Tia White
President’s Cabinet: Mia Cozzi, Nathasha Sharamina, Rayna Kahn
President Roosevelt: Schandy Cordero

Drake: Kyle Sherman
Annette: Nikki Jason
Mrs Greer: Nilly Ads
Cecille: Ellie Turner
Mrs Pugh: Shea Winchester
Megan McGann
Sophie Imielski
Kennedy Heiden

Student Crew:

Stage Manager: TBD

Assistant Stage Managers:
Annie Jouras
Evan Sherman

Avery Plonka (Student Chair)
Kate Cannon

Makeup (also Paint):
Rhys Winchester (Student Chair)

Paint (also Front of House):
Alexandra Brubaker
Lily Flynn
Nora Hare
Danielle Schau
Rhys Winchester

Adam Karkazis (Student Chair)
Sloan Goodwin
Josh Nelson
Michael Stockmal
Emma Tiemeyer
Jack Turner

Lindsey Hanson
Payton Yagoda


Lucas Barnes
Devon Winchester
Tyler Ziemba

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Congrats to the HSR cast of 1984!
Loudspeaker/Big Brother Voice: Isabella Myer
Parsons: Ben Jouras
Syme: Lauren Tabour
Winston Smith: Adrian Van Stee
O’Brien: Grant McKenzie
Gladys/Coffee Girl: Ava Smith
Guard 1/Waiter: Jay Baldwin
Guard 2/Martin/Messenger: Grant Castle
Landlady: Jane Stockbridge
Julia: Lizzie O’Donnell
Goldstein Voice: Jay Baldwin
Director: Emily Monteagudo
Assistant Director: Savannah Cowan
Stage Manager: Emma Tiemeyer
Assistant Stage Manager: Jack Turner
Costumes: Michelle Skibicki & Lauren Pyne
Lighting: Michael Stockmal
Props: Liz Canfield & Jack Scodro
Video: TBD
Sound: TBD

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