Beauty & the Beast Cast & Student Crew List

A note from the Director/Children’s Director: Congrats to EVERYONE who showed up for auditions this weekend! It takes great courage and strength to audition. We’re so proud of you. Congrats to our cast and crew. For the first time, we were not able to include everyone on stage who wished to be a part of the cast. However, we are excited to have you on our student crew and a part of our show! I know that a cast list always bring mixed emotions: joy and disappointments. Know that you are ALL amazing and talented, and we can’t wait to make magic with you! Lots of love, Lindsey Branson

First Rehearsal for Cast: Wednesday, January 17th 6:00pm
Crew Meeting: Saturday, January 20th 9:45am

Wanna be on crew? We are still taking crew applications! Click here

CTWS Spring 2018 Main Stage Cast & Crew Beauty & The Beast Jr.

Belle: Michelle Skibicki
Beast: Maddox McDonald
Gaston: Jay Baldwin
LeFou: Luke O’Donnell
Maurice: Jack Turner
Lumiere: Tyler Ziemba
Cogsworth: Jack Scodro
Mrs Potts: Claudia Kupec
Chip: Elena Knickerbocker
Babette: Kate Coleman
Madame de la Grand Bouche: Yirenny Cordero
Young Prince: Payton Yagoda
Enchantress: Isabella Myers
Narrators: Ben Myers, Clare Hill, Danny O’Gallagher, Nate Spratford, Shea Winchester


Silly Girls: Annie Jouras, Owen Slad, Anna Fox, Ava Smith, Lauren Tabour, Kyla Sherry
Monsieur D’Arque: Adam Karkazis
Aristocratic Lady: Anna Fox
Fish Woman: Jenna Jason
Egg Man: Payton Yagoda
Sausage Curl Girl: Corinne Yanzy
Baker: Grant Castle
Bookseller: Kyle Sherman
Marie: Rhys Winchester
Lady with Baby: Meredith Elrod
Candle Man: Danny O’Gallagher
Hat Seller: London Shannon-Muscolino
Milkmaid: Caroline Shreve
Shepherd Boy: Ben Myers
Scoffers: Evan Sherman, Grant Castle, Will Stroka
Mob Song Soloists: Nate Spratfod, Schandy Cordero
Additional Villagers: Alfonso Pineda, Auguste Balciunas, Evan McCargo, Jeremy Elrod


Napkins/Wolves: Amber Hoddle, Anastasia Jann, Clare Hill, Isabella Myers, Jane Stockbridge, Kate Graber, Nikki Jason, Shea Winchester,
Teacups: Caroline Busch, Kaerington Kopp, Veronica Veers, Yoshanny Cordero,
Flatware: Azmay Khan, Camille Kostal, Gabrielle Boilat, Ginny D’Alessio, Lia Jozwiak, Sophia Shirley, Vivian Kucklick
Enchanted Objects: Brooke Simmons, Maggie Rankin, Megan McGann, Rayna Khan

Tavern Dancers:

Adam Karkazis, Amber Hoddle, Anastasia Jann, Anna Fox, Annie Jouras, Ava Smith, Ben Myers, Clare Hill, Danny O’Gallagher, Evan Sherman, Grant Castle, Isabella Myers, Jane Stockbridge, Jenna Jason, Kate Graber, Kyla Sherry, Kyle Sherman, Lauren Tabour, Meredith Elrod, Nate Spratford, Nikki Jason, Owen Slad, Payton Yagoda, Rhys Winchester, Schandy Cordero, Shea Winchester, Will Stroka

Student Crew:

Stage Manager
August Tiemeyer

Assistant Stage Managers
Zahony Cordero
Jack Parrott

Rita Hynes*
Ally Dapice
Avery Urban
Carrie Riopell
Joey Newcomb
Paxton Cutler
Ryan Coglianese
Stella Barnicle
Will McCargo

Set Painting
Ben Moore
Carrie Riopell
Cora Maggin
Danielle Schau
Gianna Fayad
Lucas Barnicle
Mila Panos
Naiya Fayad
Natalya Thompson
Olivia Miceli
Sophia Smykowski

Annie Tracy
Ella Cuttica
Jeremiah Groenewold
Schondy Cordero
Shea Winchester

Michael Stockmal*

Holden Carroll
Joey Dooley

Ellie Turner*
Isabella Tussing*
Ashlynn Dotson
Cecilia Vlk
Savannah Cowan
Sloan Goodwin


Devon Winchester
Nilly Ads

Kendal Solik

Front of House/Box Office (Publicity)
Chloe Cortese
Danielle Schau
Eli Cousins
Gianna Fayad
Jaya Wong
Leah Wong
Mila Panos
Myli Lundeen
Naiya Fayad
Vivienne Lundeen

*Student Chair


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