The Cure For Love

A delightfully naughty farce full of courtesans, villains and l'amour!

Jan. 18 - Jan. 28th, 2018


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Written by Jay Berkow, Western Michigan University director of music theatre performance, it is based on an obscure Alexandre Dumas novel, "Fernande: The Story of a Courtesan," Berkow turned what could've been dry academic exercise into a funny farce that winks modernly at the audience.

They're French and upper class; it's 1835 and having a mistress is expected. The Baroness has been a clandestine lover of Count de Mantigiroux for 30 years, so long they act like a married couple, and he's obviously had mistresses outside of his mistress.

A scheming cad, Fabien, brings a mystery woman to the estate for Maurice, the son of The Baroness. She's the courtesan Fernande, a woman who's earned a living using her "mysterious powers" on every man in Paris and in the play.

The obnoxious busybody Madam du Neuilly is tossed in the mix, and shenanigans, gropings and fan-flutterings ensue.

But out of the sexy and sometimes silly repartee, the story of Fernande develops into something a bit more serious. She's got a few lessons about love to teach the men and the women of the estate. The overall moral of the story is the most modern twist of "Cure for Love" — guys, if you want to be happy with women, respect them.

Sources: Kalamazoo Gazette


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