Silent Sky

by Lauren Gunderson
Original Music by Jenny Giering

The inspiring true story of astronomy's "hidden figures". In the late 19th Century, these women "computers" crashed through Harvard's glass ceilings and changed the way we look at the heavens and Earth.

Henrietta Leavitt: Eileen Duban
Margaret Leavitt: Karen Arnold
Peter Shaw: Mark MacLean
Annie Cannon: Carrie Cerri
Williamina Fleming: Tammy O'Reilly

Director: Karen Holbert
Stage Manager: Angelee Johns
Assistant Stage Managers: Cassandra Johnson, Mary Van Nest
Set Design / Tech Director: Nick Schwartz
Set Construction Chair: John Baderman
Paint Chair: Mary Kuhn
Lighting Designer: Mary Ellen Schutt
Sound Designer: Pat Politano
Properties Designers: Laura Leonardo Ownby, Tammy White
Costumes Designers: Pattie Roeder, Julie Tomek Campo
Make-up Designer: Katarina Creedon
Dramaturg: Jen Torchia
Annual Production Coordinator: Mary Maureen Gentile

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