K-2 Advanced Acting: Junie B. Jones*

K-2  Advanced Acting: Junie B. Jones*

Lovable, hilarious, and heartwarming, come and see the world through Junie B. Jones’ eyes. Junie B. is one busy first grader. Between new friends, getting glasses and not being allowed to play in the kickball tournament, there's a lot going on! Designed for those students with some prior experience get ready to stretch your character ability and acting chops in this class.  *Pre-requisite: 3 previous CTWS classes/summer camps

Skills Focus:

  • Creating characters
  • Memorization
  • Scene-work
  • Understanding and using scripts
  • Working with an ensemble
  • Acting and performance skills

Tuesdays 5:00-6:00 pm

Teacher: TBD

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